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Julia Vaya-Mai

 London, United Kingdom (Currently at)

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In my practice, I encounter people from different backgrounds struggling with physical sexual dysfunctions, relationship and intimacy issues, low level of sexual energy. Regardless of the age, ethnicity, profession, beliefs and cultural background, our sexuality might be challenged at some point of our life. 

My interest in helping people with these difficulties arose from the recognition of the importance of balanced sexual energy as well as disappointment in the lack of sex education. I believe in this approach as it helped me to transit from perceiving sex as a not very pleasant, painful duty to inspiring, full of enjoyment practice that fuels my life. 

My aim is to help everyone to gain important knowledge of one’s sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, to release root causes of dysfunctions and enjoy the full potential of sexual pleasure. Connected and embodied sexuality is more than sexual pleasure - it is a gateway for spiritual growth, enhanced intuition and the fast-track to awakening.  

I use a holistic approach to help my clients to not only heal their issues but also provide the tools for further development and growth. 

I successfully help my male clients to:

  • Overcome overthinking and performance anxiety;

  • Reconnect within their bodies and start to feel alive and empowered again;

  • Explore new ways of feeling, improving and mastering their sexual energy;

  • Come out on top of erectile challenges such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation;

  • Drop the grip of porn or sex addiction and find full enjoyment in real sex;

  • Heal pelvic floor issues, such as incontinence, prostate cancer (prevention), prostatitis, epididymitis, neuralgias etc.;

  • Release sexual and emotional traumas that cause feelings of shame, guilt, worthlessness, fears and anxiety;

  • Re-balance the energy for deeper spiritual development.

  • Build a deeper and more exciting connection with a partner.


I successfully help my female clients to:

  • Open up the capacity to feel different types of orgasms;

  • Reconnect to their body, sexuality, femininity and sensuality;

  • Release sexual trauma and childhood abuse;

  • Heal vaginismus, neuralgias, vulvodynia, vestibulodynia and pain during intercourse; 

  • Re-balance pelvic floor muscles to heal or prevent incontinence, menstrual problems, fertility issues;

  • Cultivate creativity, intuition, pleasure and spontaneity;

  • Recognise their desires, needs, boundaries and learn to express them.

  • Build a deeper and more exciting connection with a partner.



My journey to happiness started with a quest to heal my own body, and the realization that what was experienced as physical pain was rooted in a need for emotional and spiritual healing. In my exploration of non-dualism, meditation, yoga, shamanism, conscious sexuality and different schools of Tantra, I’ve identified the profound effect that states of trust, safety and emotional intimacy have on the physical body.

The personal healing journey became a calling to share my knowledge and experience. To expand on my offering, I have been continuously adding to my education and skills – from massage and healing modalities to scientific approaches in trauma.

My main activity for the past 4 years has been Tantric Healing. While working directly with clients, I’ve also been teaching Tantric Bodywork. Presently I’m offering Tantric Bodywork workshops and involved in a number of professional collaborations with psychotherapists, Tantra teachers and bodyworkers.

What if we lived in a world where we all embody our emotional and sexual intelligence, liberated from shame, guilt or confusion? We can get there by nesting in the present moment, in the here and now.  



INTRODUCTION: FREE 30 min consultation via phone (audio or video)



Offered in-person in London or via Skype / What’s app / Zoom

60 min - £95

90 min - £110

6 sessions - £475 (60 min), £550 (90 min) - book 5 sessions get one FREE. Validity - 6 months.

About Coaching Sessions

Specializing in sexuality, intimacy, and spirituality. Coaching sessions can help identify unconscious issues, patterns, and behaviours and guide to overcome them.

Coaching sessions are a good starting point for people suffering from PTSD to gain a better understanding of their issues and how to approach them. It’s perfect for people with a busy lifestyle who have scarce, sporadic time for self-work

The sessions include guidance, homework, and supervision.

Please note: coaching sessions always bring better results while combined with bodywork.



 Individual sessions:

  • 2,5h  - £300 MEN and WOMEN Trauma and emotional release session (clothes on/off, without genital touch);
  • 2,5h -  £300 MEN & WOMEN Therapeutic pelvic floor and prostate / vaginal treatment;
  • 4-5h - £450 MEN and WOMEN Tantric clothes off bodywork (including prostate, lingam massage for men and yoni massage for women for emotional release and sexual health);
  • 8h   -  £600 MEN and WOMEN (60min initial coaching session, Tantric session 4-5h, 2 x 60min follow up coaching sessions);
  • 10h - £1200 MEN and WOMEN (60 min initial coaching session, the teaching of meditation, Taoist practices to enhance sexuality, rituals to enhance intimacy, 4h bodywork session, refreshments);

Couple sessions:

  • 4-6h - £450. Profound teaching to enhance intimacy and love, meditation and practices for better sex, tantric or erotic massage techniques.

About bodywork sessions:

Techniques used in bodywork will be chosen based on clients’ needs.

The session may include: Tantric Journey massage, Emotional detox, Taoistic massage, Vortex healing, Kashmiri massage, Shamanic healing, sexual de-armoring, trauma release, empowerment of consent an boundaries, meditation, tantric rituals, work with intimacy.

My sessions are strongly influenced by non-dualistic approaches in meditation and conscious relaxation. I do not use forceful techniques and clients are invited to make a conscious choice in how deep they want to go into the release. Sessions are client-based and no actions are taken without client consent.


Teaching and supervision sessions

Teaching / Supervision session - 1h - £55-75

Teachings: Indian Tantra, Tao or Kashmiri Shivaism meditations, techniques for sexual sublimation, sensual massage or tantric healing bodywork.

Supervision offered for tantric healers and bodyworkers based on a case by case basis.


IMPORTANT NOTE: A non-refundable deposit is required to book a session on a bank account or via PayPal. Please note, I don't accept same-day appointments. 


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Phone number: +447760193337
On What's app and Viber


London, United Kingdom (current location)

Fee: Tantric healing therapy session 4-5h - £450
From April 1st 2024


Fee: 4-5 h tantric massage session $800 SGD Sexual coaching $250 SGD per hour
March 28th and 29th 2024


  • I feel deep gratitude for my time with Julia and had a truly mesmerizing, once in a lifetime experience. 

    Her presence instantly provided a space of trust and openness. Julia is incredibly generous in providing time, energy and love to make you feel welcome and safe. 

    I learned a lot about my body on the intellectual and more importantly physical and spiritual level and was able to feel sensations unbeknownst to me before. The massage felt deeply healing and nourishing.  

    I left with a deep sense of presence and confidence. My whole body and especially my heart and yoni felt buzzing, alive, connected, activated and open.  

    I  highly recommend working with Julia to everyone, curious to feel more in touch with their sensuality and sexuality and am looking forward to embarking on a deeper journey of exploration and healing with her. 

    London, UK
  • She:

    We felt so good the last two days. My colleagues keep asking why I’m in such a great mood :) I also feel much more connected to G. since our session. As if I fell in love with him all over again. I noticed that after the session he looked at me with so much love in his eyes, I can’t remember the last time he looked at me like that. 


    I thought I would be very self conscious in the session but you made me feel at ease and I think I got more out of it than I expected. I also felt immediately reconnected to S. and also generally in a better mood as a result. 

    Thank you so much for kickstarting this journey for us, it has already made such a difference to our relationship.

    S. & G.
    London, UK
  • Tantra seems to have become fashionable recently, with lots of people offering so-called tantric healing, most of which has nothing to do with true tantra work. But Julia is the real deal. 

    She truly has the gift of healing through touch, and she supports that with a fine-tuned sensitivity, a wealth of experience and a true depth of spiritual understanding.

    I have been working with Julia for years and in that time every session has been different, but always brings profound gifts. Personally I have received a deep level of spiritual, emotional and physical healing through this work. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Julia and work with her, so not only would I recommend what she does, I would consider it a blessing if you are fortunate enough to experience it for yourself.

    Nick B
    July 2019, London, UK
  • Thank you so much for today's tantric session. Felt cherished. You were very generous with your touch which enabled me to go to a place that I had given up hope of ever feeling again.

    June 2, 2019, Surrey, UK
  • This is my first experience with tantric massage session.

    I tried many things before, including psychotherapy for several ‘issues’ I have.

    The main reason I tried tantra, is because I wanted to connect with myself in a deep level, fast. I can only say that I didn’t expect that the session can go in such a depth and to feel so much. It’s something that has to be experienced. Words are not enough.

    I left the session and for several hours later, the only word that was coming out of my mouth, was wow.

    Julia is very kind and special person. I recommend her work to anyone that is ready to explore, let out and enjoy. 

    June 2019, London, UK
  • The main reason for me to go for Tantric healing therapy massage was because I felt my mind and body had disconnected due emotional and health problems and felt physically, mentally low on energy and confidence had shattered.  This was the point I knew a different direction was needed and this lead me to Tantric Healing Therapy were I met Julia Vaya-Mai for my first tantric massage session.

    Julia calmed my nerves down straight away, as she saw I was really nervous and took the time to explain everything in regards to the session.  The session was incredible and very enlightening and the amount of effort that was put into the massage session is unbelievable. I am truly grateful for this experience and for you being so kind, gentle and friendly.

    After the session I immediately felt more positive and felt more energy.  I had a very deep peaceful night sleep and in the morning after the session I woke up feeling warm and full boost of energy that I had not felt in a while.  Even though several days have passed, I still feel so much warmth and energy.

    Thank you so much Julia for this enlightenment and my introduction on one's Tantric Healing path. I really do feel the blissfulness of peace and tranquillity and the calmness shift in my mind and body and I'm really looking forward to see where this enlightenment journey takes me with your guidance. Thank you so much.

    London, UK
  • Thank you for a wonderful session. We learned so much from You and everything we learned has been deeply rewarding and is helping us on our discovery back to each other. 

    Our weekend and days that have followed have been wonderful and I believe the intimate time we spent really helped reset the connection and has helped us look at each other in new ways.  

    You offered a safe and gentle place to explore and your kindness at all times is a gift.

    Louise & Adam, London, UK
    May, 2019
  • Since my first session with Julia, incredible changes started happening in all areas of my life. 

    I have been able to let go of some deeply rooted traumas and emotional wounds, experience increased levels of aliveness, creativity, and joy. Consequently, this had what I can only call a "miraculous" effect on all my relationships, finances and experiencing a true sense of freedom.

    Julia has compassionately and lovingly guided me throughout this journey, allowing me to come to my own realizations and deeper experiences. Some long-standing (lifetime) patters of emotional turmoil and addiction were let go of in a matter of weeks, opening up possibilities for growth, new positive attitudes, thoughts, and feelings.

    Since reconnecting to my body and learning to be more present, I have also learned to separate my orgasms and ejaculation, completely relinquishing the need to ejaculate. This has significantly improved my overall physical and mental health, clarity and purposeful life direction. 

    I will be forever grateful to Julia for guiding me on this journey

    London, UK

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