Tantric massage for men.

Ever wondered what is really happening in tantric massage sessions for men? Information online is so confusing? Here’s a detailed explanation what to expect in authentic tantric massage and how to avoid wrong choices.


How to tell if you need a Tantric Massage?

I am aware of several main reasons why men are looking for tantric massage:

  • To enhance sexual pleasure
  • Heal sexual dysfunctions
  • Relationship and intimacy issues
  • Physical and psychological health issues
  • Prostate related issues
  • Sexual trauma
  • Desire to feel one’s full sexual pleasure
  • Obtaining the ejaculatory control
  •  Spiritual seeking

Examples of issues that can be successfully treated in tantric massage session:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction and Inhibited ejaculation
  • Low libido or lost of interest in sex
  • Pelvic floor pain
  • Prostatitis, epididymitis, pain in testicles or “sore balls”
  • Porn and sex addiction
  • Depression
  • Performance anxiety
  • Prevention of prostate cancer 
  • Prevention of erectile issues
  • Reconnect with one’s emotions and body
  • Enhancing intimacy in relationships and life
  • Finding one’s sexual identity
  • Enhancing sexual pleasure and sexual performance
  • Release of past trauma and re-connection with healthy relating 
  • Learning about one’s pleasure, desires, boundaries


How to choose a tantric therapist that is right for you? 

Good connection with a therapist is a stepping stone in any therapy. Only when full trust is achieved, client can fully benefit from the session. Therefore an educational consultation is a very important part. Good therapist will offer you a phone / video call or private meeting prior the session or will establish good communication via emails. In this call / meeting you can get a sense whether the therapist is right person for you to work with. Use your felt sense – if the communication flowing, the session will flow, too. 

In Tantric Healing Therapy we I offer therapeutic / healing and educational sessions for my clients. 

Another thing you should expect if you work with professional is some documents sent in advance by a therapist, such as an Intake form and Information about the treatment (what to expect and how to prepare).  These document filled up in advance, because they allow therapist to prepare for your session.  


Once you arrived

When you arrive, a good therapist will offer you a lengthy consultation to get to know each other. With me you will go through your intake form where your health history will be discussed in details including physical, psychological and emotional states. Together we will identify the reason and aim of the session, will establish boundaries and intention.

My sessions are client oriented therefore client will receive a detailed explanation of every step of the session after the direction of the work is set. This is a part of professional code of all THT therapists. Should therapist decide to change any part of the session, it will be clearly communicated to the client and therapist will not proceed without receiving a verbal consent from a client.

Consultation is the time for you to ask any question, share any concerns and requests. Even though you discuss important and often personal information, the consultation is held in a friendly supportive way to allow you to relax, feel seen, heard and accepted.   


Transition from mind to body 

Ritual is an important part of any tantric session. Ritual helps to drop into present moment, to appreciate the deep mystery that human soul and body is. Rituals may vary from practitioner to practitioner, and from client to client. They are very unique manifestations of the moment where “therapist” and “client” identifications are left aside and deep intimate connection is created.

This is the part where transition from cognitive to visceral takes place.


Sep by step explanation of tantric massage therapy.

The proper tantric massage therapy normally includes FULL BODY massage (if not requested otherwise).

The aim of this bodywork is to help clients to release stagnant energy, physical, emotional tension, to free body from the trauma and stress. Practitioner will use a variety of strokes and pressures within client’s window of tolerance.  This will be achieved by continual communication with the client.

Good therapist will: listen, ask, feel and read your body language to apply exact pressure and strokes needed in the moment. 

The pelvic floor and the prostate massage is an essential part of proper tantric massage. The amount of physical tension in pelvic floor is underestimated and it causes a variety of issues such as urinary tract and erectile issues, prostate cancer etc. According to the ancient south Asian philosophy TAO, 70% of emotional trauma is stored in the pelvic floor. Therefore a good amount of time is dedicated for this part in the tantric session.

A therapist will release the muscles of pelvic floor by externally massaging perineum, buttocks, groin and by internally massaging anal and pelvic floor muscles. After the tension in pelvic floor is released, practitioner will spend a considerate amount of time working on the prostate gland.

All the procedure is done in slow and gentle way to help client to deeply relax and avoid discomfort. Depending on client’s emotional state, openness and relaxation there might be a significant amount of pleasure throughout this procedure. Soon after the prostate massage client may experience a sense of deep relaxation and some energy flow or emotional release.


Focus of the session - the lingam massage

The final and very important part of the session is a lingam massage or penis massage where the aim is to help client to gain a better management of his sexual energy and acquire an ejaculatory choice.

Many sexual dysfunctions and intimacy issues are rooted in disconnection from one’s sexual energy and pleasure. Ability to recognize, sense fully and understand one’s sexual impulses, desires and tendencies are the essential components of fulfilling sex life. During the lingam massage the therapist will work on different levels to help client to achieve deepest connection with his sexual energy.

First, she / he will use therapeutic techniques to release tension from groin area, testicles and penis, to relax muscles and ligaments, to increase blood circulation that supports the erection. After that the practitioner will use the energy techniques to help client to increase the flow of sexual energy, to move it through the body, to increase tolerance of sexual pleasure, to experience pleasure in a new way. If a client has difficulties connecting with one’s sexual energy experienced therapist will help client to bridge his awareness to sensations and pleasure in the body using some breathing, meditation and sounds / movement techniques.

The lingam massage is performed using different strokes to allow client re-sensitize genitalia, to reconnect to deeper pleasure, to get in touch with one’s body. As a result of these lingam massage techniques the client will experience stronger pleasure in a more relaxed way, will release tension causing sexual dysfunctions, will feel energized and deeply relaxed and will be capable to chose the duration of sexual activity in his sex life.

The ejaculation is not a goal of tantric healing massage as the sexual energy will be redirected and will support client’s healing process. As a result of that client will feel very energized after, freer in his body and less busy in his mind. 


Is this the end? 

After the session you’ll be offered some time to integrate an experience. Many clients feel extremely relaxed and present in their body and need time to come back into usual self. 

My sessions are oriented towards long term positive change in client’s life, therefore I cover all aspects of healing from physical to emotional and energy healing. The communication after the session is very important; it is a part of my professional code to ensure that the integration is well supported. 

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