What is a prostate massage?

A prostate massage is an internal massage to help increasing relaxation, drain stagnant fluids and activate pleasure sensations in the prostate. Because the massage is internal, some are hesitant to explore it based on the insecurity of what actually is back there, will it smell or be empty enough? This blog will walk you through the basics of cleaning out your rectum.

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In my earlier blog, Get ready for anal massage Part 1, I go through some common fears and misperceptions about prostate massage and anal exploration as well as how to open up and talk with your partner about your desire of expanding your pleasure potential.

How to Clean Your Rectum

Not being clean enough, or even the fear of not having an empty rectum is common source of uncertainty and shame many have before receiving a prostate massage or before doing anal and rectal exploration. I will go a bit deeper into this one, because this issue is easily solved!


There should not normally be lots or even any poop in your rectum (the last 10-15cm of your colon) until your bowel moves and signals you to go to the toilet. There are medical and muscular reasons, as well as daily variations of food and water intake that can affect this general statement. If you know you usually have poop in your rectum, it could be something you should see a pelvic floor massage therapist or bodyworker about, to see if it is a muscular issue or a rectal prolapse. Regardless, all these coming tips can help you temporarily for the time of exploration.


To be direct, the assessment is for you to check with a finger up your anus into the rectum. It might feel strange but take a bit of time and explore, move your finger around a bit in your rectum to feel if it is empty. Put in your entire finger if possible.

I highly recommend using a glove with lube or a condom on your finger to save you from having your finger/hand smell for some hours after your “test” as well as reduced irritation of your anal canal. It is generally a lot easier to relax your sphincters if you do it to yourself than if someone else does it to you. Be gentle with yourself if this is new for you and take it slow.

When you take your finger out, check on the condom/glove if it is:

  • Clean
    • If it is clean, then you are clean and can let go of any worries.
  • A bit red
    • If it is red like blood, possibly with a mix of brown, it probably is blood. There should not be blood as no intense play has occurred at this stage, there might be something that easily bleeds considering a finger is usually smaller than the stool that comes out of you, so your anus regularly stretches more than that diameter.
    • A reason for bleeding could be haemorrhoids, another not yet healed fistulas, you should consult a medical professional if the bleeding continues.
    • Just make sure you use lube and gloves as fingernails or other roughness, as well as friction from your finger can make your anus bleed. Let your anus recover and heal before testing again a few days later and leave the internal play for another day.
  • A bit brown
    • If the glove is just a little brown, see if you are ok with that. It’s not a problem to carry on although you should note that there may be a smell, and depending on the composition, it can act as a sandpaper in the anal canal.
    • If you feel poop and you are ok with having it like that, there is no need to do anything more!
    • If not, go to the next stage.


What NOT to do when cleaning your rectum

It is important to remember that the most important part to rinse is your rectum. If you are cleaning out higher up in your colon than your rectum (first 15 cm, which is the area you will be playing in) this can result in a delay of exiting material. 

Having poop water come out during mid play is a much more embarrassing situation than an unclean rectum, so don’t put too much water up there. If you are using and anal douche insert one bulb and let it come out before possibly doing another rinse, there is often some air coming out after the water is emptied out making it easier to have some idea if there is a lot of water left in your belly.

Another point is that after a wash, the lining in your anal canal and rectum needs a bit of time to recover before playing to reduce risk of injury (I was once advised to wait for 2 hours, but do not have any science to back it up) or be even more generous with the lube.


Different Cleaning Options

Here are three different options for you to explore:

Anal Douches

Anal douches can be bought online or in almost all sex shops. they generally have a smaller quantity of water enough to rinse the rectum without too much risk of water coming out later. I have tested 2 different types and will go through them below with more information.

MicroEnemas or Fleet Enema

A MicroEnema or Fleet Enema is a quick way to empty the rectum. They can be bought in most pharmacies. This one encourages a bowel movement, which does not clean as well as a douche, but is effective if your rectum is very full. Due to the limited amount going in (5ml), there is minimal risk of a sudden exit mid-play.

A Colonic

A professional colonic cleans out your entire colon. There are different opinions about colonics, but if it is carried out by a professional, there should not be any issues. You should do your own research, including looking into the procedure and practitioner/salon. If you do a colonic, there might be still be some of water coming out for the next few hours. I have been told of liquid exiting up to 3 hours later so have a colonic planed a few hours in advance. Ask your practitioner for additional information and advice.


3 Beginner Tips for Using Anal Douches

  1. Never use any water with gas in it, like sparkling water, but also still bottled water often has ozone in it.
  2. If your tap water is good to drink then it’s usually not any issue to use it directly, if not or you feel unsure, either filter it or boil the water and let it cool down before use.
  3. Use water that is slightly over room temperature, like 25-30°C. If it is too hot, it can burn you, and that is not good! If it is too cold, the rectum will cramp, which some may enjoy, but maybe not during the first attempt.


Anal Douche Test

To dive deeper in the cleaning options for rectums I bought 2 different types of douches to experiment with and here are the thoughts and experiences using these toys.

Product 1: The Travel Enema from Clean Stream

This one worked really well! It fits on all basic PET (soft drink) bottles. What I really liked about it was how easy it was to fill and use, but I suggest going for bottles with thinner plastic. It is easier to squeeze! You can squeeze hard without any risk of the bottle detaching from the nozzle.

The nozzle itself was also really easy to insert, something to think about when you are buying your tools, start small!

I also liked how easy it was to clean. With no one-way valves, you can see straight through the nozzle, making it really easy to clean, so you can be confident that it is clean inside and out.

Peristalsis can push water from inside the body back into the bottle. With this product you do not necessarily need to consider the hygiene of cleaning the bottle because you can discard it afterwards.

It has a hose attachment as well, but I would suggest learning how it works before using it, because it could be dangerous if used incorrectly.

Product 2: The Travel Shower Shot from Colt

We also got a nice bulb douche.

One advantage is it had two different nozzles that also are anal sex toys, which was a lot of fun! Another advantage is that you do not need to run around supermarkets to find bottles to use.

The design of the nozzles were really fun to play with on my test subject, but because of the size of the nozzle you either need to be used to plating with you anus or you need to have some other warmup before using it.

There were some downsides that you should consider before you buy one:

  • The toy design made it difficult to clean the nozzles to hygienic standards.
  • The size of the bulb was too big for my hand, so I needed to use two hands to squeeze it. Next time, I will get a bulb that works for my hand size, so if you or your partner has small hands, keep this in mind.
  • There was a good thread connection between the nozzle and a middle connector making it possible to have different attachments, but from the middle connector to the bulb there was no thread connection. This results in the bulb falling off if not held up by hand, which is annoying. 
  • The last part is that you also need to clean the bulb when washing your toys, which can be tricky when it’s black and not see through.

There is much more information about these and many other products, but this is a small introduction of things you should know before playing with your anus or before having an anal and prostate massage session.


In my next blog

The next part of anal exploration will share some preparation tips to help you have the most amount of fun and the least amount of mess!