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Kate Elena

 London (United Kingdom)
 Koh phangan (Thailand)
 Chiang Mai (Thailand)

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Kate is an experienced tantric healing bodywork practitioner and trainer, offering a holistic approach based on authentic Tantric and Taoist practices. She supports clients with bringing more love, vitality and wellbeing into their lives and relationships, including reconnecting with their sexuality. Kate has been leading group retreats, and training and mentoring students in this field since 2016.

She supports men with a range of sexual and intimacy issues, including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation (ED and PE), prostatitis, sexual trauma, chronic illness and other physical and emotional factors. We commonly hold past negative experiences and trauma in our body’s cellular memory, which can have a significant impact on our day-to-day life and relationships. Tantric-Taoist bodywork can help to evoke memories and emotions which are ready to be felt and released, and Kate creates a safe and loving space to help clients through this process.

Kate also supports men with cultivating and moving sexual life-force energy (‘Jing’ or ‘Chi’) throughout the body. Simple Tantric-Taoist practices can be learned by people from all backgrounds, for healing, enjoyment and wellbeing. They are also an essential (and often unexplored) practice for committed students of yoga and martial arts. 

Yoga plays an important part in her life, both as a daily practice and life philosophy. 

Kate currently offers private sessions for men and couples, and a new programme of training workshops in Europe and Thailand in 2020.


- *Free 30-min consultation* via Skype or Whatsapp for new clients.

- Introductory session: Clothes-on tantric healing bodywork and coaching: 3 hours, £200 / 3500 baht

Foundation sessions to build trust and begin issue-based work, including consultation and an introduction to Tantric-Taoist practices. 

- Intermediate session: Tantric healing bodywork and coaching: 4 hours, £300 / 4500 baht

An intermediate session bringing clients deeper into connection with their body through oil-based bodywork, including consultation and an introduction to Tantric-Taoist practices.

- Therapeutic prostate massage: 3 hours, £250 / 6000 baht

Ideal for men who need regular treatments to manage stress and prostate health. These sessions include time for consultation, deep healing bodywork for the back of the body, and the therapeutic prostate massage treatment.

- Full tantric healing bodywork and coaching session: 5+ hours, £350 / 10000 baht (8000 conc)

This full-length session includes consultation time, and a long sequence of bodywork therapy, which may include therapeutic prostate and lingam massage after consultation.



- Tantric rituals / Massage techniques: 4 hours, £350
Kate offers sessions for couples to help deepen their soul connection, and to learn simple bodywork for mutual care and to enhance intimacy.

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Kate Elena Facebook Page:


London, United Kingdom

Hammersmith W6
Fee: £200-£350

Koh phangan, Thailand

Fee: 10,000 baht (8000 concession)
Dec 2019 - end March 2020

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fee: 10,000 baht (8000 concession)
Dec 2019 - end March 2020


Many thanks for the session yesterday which was absolutely wonderful and nurturing.

I am feeling good so far, feeling at peace and relaxed. It will be Interesting to see how i feel in next few days. Thank you for all the recommendations below which is very kind of you.

Bhav (London)
July 2019


What a wonderful evening thank you so much. I have begun a whole new journey...Wow. I have tingled all day..! Thank you so much for being so kind and sharing

Jack (London)
July 2019

My session with Kate was my first experience of Tantric Massage, and Tantra in general. We spent some time talking at first, Kate explained what the session would involve and how I might feel, and she is a compassionate listener, allowing me to open up and talk frankly about issues around sex, love, emotions, sexual performance that I had not addressed or found a forum to discuss for a long time. Being able to speak these thoughts out loud and share them with a woman, without any agenda, was a real privilege and allowed me to feel a very strong emotional and physical trust with her. 

Sexual desire and emotional connection, which were so important to me in my 20s, had become totally neglected after 10 years of marriage and kids. It felt like a really important step to take the time for myself and find those feelings again.  

I imagine that this is a fairly common experience for men (and women), it is one of the quiet taboos in a relationship, and so being able to talk and physically express these feelings openly was a huge release.

Kate has a very strong physical empathy that made the massage an intense and extraordinary range of sensations, never rushed, in fact I completely lost track of time. With me she identified the area of my chest around my heart as an important centre of feeling and I can still feel the sensation and warm feeling around my heart a week later.

Thank you for being so generous with your time and spirit. 

Tim (London)
April 2019

Kate was recommended to me by a therapist who helped me through a severe life crisis 15 years ago, one caused by a long protracted marriage breakdown and divorce.

I thought for a long time that I had got over this but recently I realised that there was long term deep physical and emotional damage that my body memory was still carrying.

intermittent erectile dysfunction, fear of permanent intimate relationships, and periodic depression and anxiety. I have a demanding and successful career and this masked my inner trauma.

Kate does whole body work that releases blocked energy and pain, and this is carried out in a healing combination of professionalism, a high level of skill in her craft, and genuine heartfelt care

Nic (Sussex)
April 2019

Each time I am more blown away by your work and how you can guide the energy wherever your intuition tells you and uncovering surprises and deep blocks in a million different ways.

Richard (London)
April 2019

It was wonderful meeting you and thank you so much for a beautiful evening.  We thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  Strangely when we got out of the car, our legs could barely carry us as we were both so relaxed!  We have had lots of loving moments since. Thank you once again and we hope that your busy week ahead with your students goes well. Warmest regards.

Natalie and partner (couple session, London)
November 2018

Thank you very much again for such a long, profound and amazingly powerful session......There was a part of me that was thinking it would take me longer to release with Tantric healing sessions

Fabrizio (Spain)
August 2018

We felt really at ease during the session and extremely relaxed afterwards. Thank you again.

Daisy and partner (London)
July 2018

I've had 2 sessions with Kate, and immediately, I felt in amazing hands. I say this, because I am pretty sensitive to the energy of anyone I don't know well physically touching me. But a few minutes into talking with Kate made me feel at ease, and trusting. The sessions have been amazing and shocking, in that, not only how knowledgeable and skillful she was in her bodywork, how she kept me feeling safe, cared for, and loved, but also in how much emotional release I needed. I would absolutely and highly recommend Kate for anyone needing a session! Thank you again:)

Roman (Singapore)
June 2018

I booked an appointment with Kate as part of my self improvement journey. My experience was amazing and I learnt a lot about myself and the steps I could take to develop further. Kate is an mazing person. She made me feel at ease really quickly and clearly explained how the session would progress and what my experiences could be. She is very intuitive, with an incredible ability to get to core issues and blocks. She also combines a welcome mix of empathy and assertiveness which completely suited my style. She also adds in a healthy dose of kindness and warmth which all contributed the making the session memorable. A few weeks on, I feel i Have made some steps forward in my life and the areas I need to focus on. Kate, thanks for helping me find my voice again! Peace and Joy


Hope to see you again beautiful lady. You touched my heart.

Ekani (London)
April 2018

An amazing woman! An opening experience. I felt safe with Kate to discuss my goals, and previous trauma. Her healing hands and heart allowed me to dive deeper into the issues in my tissues, find links between them, and an unprecedented unravelling occurred.

Marc (Australia)
January 2018

Please continue to help others with your insight and kindness

Anthony (Berks)
December 2017

Just a quick note to say thanks for your time and the session on Saturday. We both learnt a lot and have already put some of it into practice. You made us both feel at ease and able to relax. Thanks again.

John and Sandra, couple session (London)
October 2017

I was initially nervous about the Tantric Journey experience as I was unsure what to expect. Kate's introduction and calmness put me at my ease and as a Therapist, I had a feeling that some emtions might be released.

I can truly say, that nothing could have prepared me for the deep emoional release that I experienced - and the memories that arose that I had no idea had caused such deep rooted stress.

A combination of the deep massage that released the tension from the body, the rocking, the breathing and letting out of  "pain" through vocal releasing was a truly wonderful experience.

Kate created such a supportive, caring, and safe environment that I felt completely as ease to open up to the deeply held emotions. At the end, I felt so much lighter, completely relaxed, "standing tall" with a sense of serenity about me.

Any anxiety and stress that I had, had completely gone. What I had also noted, was that memories that would have previously triggered me into stress, now didn't - as if there was now a clean slate to create new behavioural responses - such a brillant opportunity and feeling.

August 2017, London

Thanks so much for everything Kate. It was brilliant. I am totally committed to this process. I know its the way forward for me, and as soon as I figure out what I’m doing about this procedure, I will be in touch to start what we talked about, coming regularly to really make some changes.

Kris (London)
July 2017

I experienced such a wide range of emotions since the session. Anger, love, anxiety, sadness, gratitude... So much and with such intensity within the last couple days. And this was exactly what I needed - I am much less numb and much more aware of my emotions and body, and my body is feeling much more free to express itself and let out what it needs to.

Thank you so much for the love and healing. I am so grateful to have had that experience with you and hope you continue to spread your gifts with the world. I can't wait to learn from you in December and hope one day I can spread the same love and healing to those who need it as well.

Tim (USA)
July 2017

There was in me a feeling of total and unconditional acceptance of the present moment. My heart and my whole being were basking in a state of beatitude. We are reaching the limits of words here, but if I have to describe this state I can only say that it was an emotional compound of, simultaneously, divine bliss, absolute and total acceptance of the moment, and the bubbly joy of a very young child. And it was timeless.

During Kate's massage I also had insights, new insights that decades of meditation practice hadn't had revealed, of some parts of my body being emotionally numb, or having been emotionally 'anaesthetized', other parts not wanting to be touched, others wanting very much to be touched. I was discovering myself. 

I also felt that, during Kate's massage, I was emotionally shedding, or more precisely 'vomiting', at a very subtle level the deep-rooted conditioning I went through in an earlier part of my life. 

And then there was love. All the time during the many hours of Kate's massage. The love that cares intensely. The love that is permanent, even if consciously we do not feel it. The love that only wants the welfare of the other, and doesn't ask anything in return. It just is. It just loves. All the time. It cannot be stopped. The love that only knows loves, and nothing else. The love that doesn't depend on anything, and is completely self-sufficient. 

The love that is beyond duality. 

Without this love there is no Tantra, or genuine Tantra.

John-Pierre (Chiang Mai)
July 2017

Thank you Kate for the 1-2-1 experience! It was such an exhilarating moment – Never in my life had I released a surge of energy in such a long loud voice that could have brought the roof down. And in the afternoon session during the group practice, your gentle loving touch brought out the stuck emotion of “abandonment” from deep within my being.

Overall, my experience was calming & therapeutic. I am totally inspired by the manner of your work!! You hold a space of calmness & safety without me feeling any guilt or shame.

I strongly recommend Kate to any man who has not had a Tantric journey experience to step up and forward to experience the humanness of his being. Thank you Kate, for such boundless compassionate love!!!

July 2017, Chiang Mai

I felt a warmth broadcast from my prostate gland, invading the body in a soothing moment of ecstasy that made me shed tears of joy in sorrow. I found my freedom by the living feeling of divine pleasure. Accept it without resistance, it gives way for a more open life with love. I gave my trust to Kate: she opened the door to peace in my own divinity

Philippe (France)
June 2017

How beautifully Kate worked on me and created a safe environment... I could let go and release years of pain and sorrow hidden somewhere deep… that became possible for me only because I felt cared for, I felt respected and safe

Anand (India)
June 2017

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for our session and holding a beautiful space for me to experience and to learn about myself, what's possible! One of my biggest learnings was to use the microcosmic orbit during the session to manage the upward energy waves...and in the meantime, focusing on the breath and feeling the pleasure of the multitude of forces. The learning still stays with me strong sitting here on a sunny winter morning in Sydney. So thank you again, it was really beautiful 

Rob, Australia
June 2017

I entered the therapy room and was immediately immersed with a sense of sacred calmness.The space Kate created was done with an extremely high consideration for my comfort and relaxation.Throughout the whole session, her soothing voice allowed me to drop deeper into a state of openness. It was actually like another realm really. Kate sometimes gently informed me of what she was about to do, and at all times I felt great integrity and confidence with her practical and emotional skill, within such an intimate environment. After the session I experienced a tangible increase in my level of energy, and my stuck-ness had dissolved. I would highly recommend her for anybody wishing to remove deeply blocked energies, particularly around the base chakra area. It was very beautiful, thank you

Craig (Australia)
June 2017

The therapy i have been waiting all my life for. In every moment I felt safe, guided, protected and loved. This trance like space that was so carefully constructed was the space needed for my body to let go of pain it had held onto more than 30 years. I am eternally grateful that somebody would devote their life to being a channel and a guide for such intense and effective healing and I promptly booked two more sessions. My personal story is one of abuse, so to recognise that i am numb and closed and to begin to open the door to my pain through love and trust and for it to be so effective within the first session I was left humbled, grateful and extremely internal. Thank you Kate, cant wait for our next session.

April 2017, London

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