Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a sexual difficulty that many men are shy to talk about and address. It can have a major impact on intimacy and bring up feelings of frustration, low confidence, and shame. However, PE is becoming an acceptable, rather than embarrassing, issue to talk about, and I've noticed in my practice that more men are now taking courage to reach out for support. 

Tantric bodywork therapy is a new and increasingly popular professional approach for successfully treating PE. It looks at the underlying causes of PE using a somatic body-based approach, combined with consultation and coaching. 

Why do I ejaculate so quickly? 

There are many reasons why men ejaculate sooner than they’d like to. These include purely physical causes, such as physical stress, and pelvic floor tension. Psychological and emotional stress is also a major cause, including 'performance anxiety', relationship pressures and past trauma. Usually PE is a combination of both physical and psychological factors. 

10 Tantric Massage Therapy Solutions for Premature Ejaculation 

Many underlying causes for PE can be pinpointed and treated during Tantric bodywork therapy sessions. The sessions offer a unique combination of professional consultation, specialist Tantric and Taoist bodywork techniques - which includes the pelvic and genital area, and helping clients to re-programme negative thought patterns that arise during intimacy. 

Here are ten ways in which Tantric Massage Therapy can support men with PE: 

1. Time to Talk - Professional Consultation

Sessions begin with consultation time. This is a confidential, professional and caring space to share experiences of PE and to discuss solutions. The practitioner will ask the client to fill out a questionnaire in advance of the session, and discuss consent and boundaries during the bodywork. 

2. Releasing Pelvic Floor Tension 

Tension in the muscles of the pelvic floor is often a primary cause of PE, due to sports, a sedentary life-style, or trauma in the pelvic area. Tantric therapy practitioners use specialist techniques for the release of pelvic floor tension. Most other holistic therapies completely avoid this area of the body.  

3. Reprogramming 'Performance Anxiety'

Tantric-Taoist bodyworks offers a safe 'real time' space to look at negative thought patterns that come up during key moments in intimacy. It’s possible to re-programme these, often involuntary, negative loops through this somatic approach.  

4. Improving Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Flow   

Tantric bodywork includes the whole body, including genital massage (if agreed). It's important in the treatment of PE to remove tension and stress in the body, and promote healthy blood circulation and lymphatic flow to and from the genitals, and in the pelvic area itself. 

5. Therapeutic Prostate Massage

A stressful life-style can create physical tension on and around the prostate gland, which in turn creates pressure to ejaculate quickly. This internal massage is a gentle treatment which normally lasts around 10-15 minutes. It's a new experience for many clients, and can also help men to maintain a healthy prostate gland. 

6. Releasing Emotional Stress and Trauma 

Pelvic surgery, illness, sexual and physical abuse, and a strict cultural upbringing around sex are some examples of psychological stress that can cause an involuntary response to ejaculate quickly. Tantric Healing Therapy sessions offer a caring and professional space to help release unprocessed emotions and trauma that is held in the body. 

7. Effective Breathing Techniques for Erection Control

Many men who experience PE benefit from learning Tantric-Taoist breathing techniques to help manage their erection. During the session, the practitioner will open major energy channels throughout the body that relate to the flow of vital life-force energy (also known as 'Jing' and 'Chi'). This creates a pathway for sexual energy to move freely through the body ('full body orgasm'), and it relieves sexual tension in the genitals without the need to ejaculate. Clients learn how to manage this energy themselves using different breathing techniques and pelvic floor control. These authentic Tantric practices are also wonderful for long-term health, vitality and enjoyment!  

8. PE and Relationships

PE can cause stress in intimate relationships, and when dating. Tantric practitioners offer advice about how to talk openly with partners about PE, and suggestions for ways in which your partner can help you to practice ejaculation control. 

9. (Re)connecting with Your Body and Sexuality

Modern living is often sedentary and computer-based, and often get disconnected from our physical body, including our sexuality and genitals. This is a common reason why many men have difficulty with managing their erection and ejaculation. Tantric bodywork therapy helps to bring clients from the busy mental realm back into deep connection with their physical body and sexuality. 

10. Empowering Self-practice Homework  

Some practitioners recommend (optional) self-practice homework, or offer follow-up online coaching sessions for support with pelvic floor exercises. I've found this to be a good way for men to become fully empowered with their erection, and for long-term maintenance into later life. 

Other useful things to know:

- Authentic Tantric bodywork therapy sessions usually last 4.5 to 5 hours. It's important for the practitioner to take time to build trust with the whole body, and have time for consultation before the bodywork, and integration afterwards. 

- I recommend working with practitioners who work within an Ethical Code of Practice, have a good health and safety approach, and are 'trauma informed'. 

- There are some medical conditions which can cause PE, so if in doubt, get a check-up with your GP. Don't be embarrassed, as it's important to have a health check if you have any ongoing pelvic symptoms - don't ignore it!