Tantric Prostate Massage Therapy in London


Why Prostate Gland Health is Important for Men:

Prostate health is a growing area of importance for men’s health and wellbeing. The increasing pace of modern lifestyle in London, and the stress that often accompanies it, can create tension and holding in the pelvic area, including inside the body around the prostate gland.

Over time, stress can cause pain and dysfunction, as physical tension decreases blood flow and circulation to essential parts of the body. Men are often unaware of how much tension they’re holding inside the pelvis, and also in the pelvic floor (the raft of muscles, fascia and ligaments between the legs).

What is the Male Prostate?

The prostate is a gland that’s located behind the bladder. Its main function is to produce semen, and the urethra also passes through the prostate. It’s often compared to a walnut in size and shape, and generally enlarges with age. According to the UK’s National Health Service the three most common prostate problems faced by men are prostatitis, enlarged prostate (BPH or ‘benign prostate hyperplasia’), and prostate cancer.

It’s worth taking time to find out more about the prostate gland and ways in which you can take care of it.

Therapeutic Tantric Prostate Massage in London:

Therapeutic Tantric Prostate Massage with a professional practitioner is an increasingly popular approach for pelvic health, and now recommended by some Urologists. Specialist Tantric and Taoist (Ancient Chinese) massage techniques, together with Western pelvic massage techniques, are used to help release tension around the prostate gland and in the pelvis as a whole.

It’s a holistic treatment that includes the whole body, and offered in a professional and caring environment. The therapeutic internal massage of the prostate takes place after consultation time with the client and a long sequence of specialist bodywork. Consent and boundaries are discussed and agreed during the consultation time, so that the client can rest assured that any specific needs are taken care of.

Authentic Tantric-Taoist treatments are not to be confused with sexual services which may be called Tantra.

What is real Tantric Massage?

Both Tantra and Taoism are Eastern philosophies which aim to bring the physical body, mind and spirit into harmony. Tantric-Taoist massage focuses on waking up the body’s capacity for self-healing. This includes optimising vital life-force energy (Jing-Chi) in the body, and helping to remove blockages caused by stress, tension, illness and a fast-paced modern lifestyle.

Jing is primal life-force that includes sexual energy, although it has a wider purpose than sex. Having a good level of Jing energy in the body is essential for good health. Martial arts practices, such as Qigong and Tai Chi, and Yoga practices focus on bringing more Jing-Chi energy into the body for health and vitality. Learning Tantric-Taoist male practices is additional way to harness this essential energy of wellbeing, and is often taught during client sessions.

Other key features of contemporary Tantric-Taoist massage sessions in London include bringing clients back into a deep connection with their body (‘embodiment’), teaching skills for authentic communication during intimacy, and promoting body confidence and self-care. These are all useful tools for maintaining physical and emotional wellbeing in London!

Prostate Cancer Statistics: Early Diagnosis is Good News

Prostate Cancer UK statistics from 2023 reveal that prostate cancer is now the most common cancer for men in the UK, and one in eight men will be diagnosed with it. 

However, it’s encouraging to know that it’s often treatable when diagnosed early on. If you’re reading this article and have concerns, it’s important to get a medical check up straight away.

Unfortunately, cultural conditioning can make it difficult for some men to talk freely about pelvic issues and seek support. Early diagnosis and treatment can save lives!

What Happens During a Tantric Prostate Massage?

Tantric-Taoist prostate massage is a holistic treatment that also includes specialist therapeutic pelvic and internal massage. Practitioners use a range of bodywork techniques, including Western therapeutic pelvic massage and Tantric-Taoist pelvic bodywork. Other areas of the body will also be included in the treatment as part of a holistic approach which focuses on physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing.

Practitioners in London offer a unique approach in their professional practice. However, prostate massage treatments usually include the following features:

  • Phone Consultation:
    Most practitioners offer an initial phone consultation (at no cost) to discuss the client's needs, and to make sure that it’s the right treatment for them. If a client has experienced sexual abuse, or other significant trauma, then the practitioner may ask them to seek additional professional support.

    Once an appointment is agreed, the client will receive an email with details about how to prepare for the session, together with a confidential questionnaire and consent form.

  • Taking Time for Yourself:
    In-person sessions in London usually last between 3 to 3.5 hours. It's important for the practitioner to take time to build trust with the client through consultation and deep bodywork before beginning the prostate massage.

  • Consultation Time - A Space to Talk:
    Sessions start with consultation time in a confidential space. It offers an opportunity for clients to share about prostate concerns, and any related sex and intimacy issues. The practitioner may also talk about pelvic anatomy, and introduce theory about Tantric-Taoist prostate massage and male self-care practices.

    A consent framework is discussed and agreed so the client can rest assured that they know what to expect, can communicate their needs, and that their body is always in consent with what happens during the session. 

  • Tantric-Taoist Specialist Bodywork:
    Therapeutic prostate massage appointments are very different from quick medical clinical examinations. The practitioner will create a comfortable and respectful space for the client to receive holistic bodywork, and go at a pace that is right for each person.

    The first stage of the bodywork helps clients to reconnect with their body and to relax deeply. Tantric-Taoist bodywork uses a holistic approach which includes many parts of the body (as agreed during the consultation), as the pelvic area is not separate and cut off from other body systems.

    The bodywork sequence usually includes facial and neck massage, and deep work on the back of the body to release tension in deep muscles, and to bring more self-connection and sensation into the body. Most practitioners use warm oil during the session, and offer a variety of different massage pressures and techniques.

    A more esoteric aspect of the Tantric-Taoist approach is using bodywork to help open major energetic pathways in the body, including Meridians and the Yogic Nadi system. This helps to support the healthy flow of Jing-Chi life-force energy, and also brings more endorphins and good-feeling hormones into the body.

  • What does a Prostate Massage feel like?:
    The prostate massage takes place towards the end of the session, with detailed preparation before beginning the internal massage. At this point, the practitioner will ask for verbal consent again from the client, to be sure that it’s the right time for prostate work.

    The internal massage is a slow and gentle treatment, generally lasting around 10 to 15 minutes for new clients. It may be longer for clients who have received prostate massage before. The practitioner will work on and around the prostate, and may also use specialist techniques to help relax internal muscles surrounding the gland.

    Many clients receive prostate massage for the first time, and are understandably a little nervous about what to expect. Afterwards they share that it’s an unusual, unfamiliar or even pleasant sensation, and that there is an increased feeling of openness and relaxation in the whole pelvic area.

  • After the Session:
    Clients are advised to rest and take it easy to gain the most benefit from the treatment, for example, relaxing at home or nature time in a London park.

Therapeutic Tantric Massage for Men after Prostate Cancer

Some practitioners offer sessions for men after surgery and treatment for prostate cancer, with permission from their Medical Consultant.

Tantric-Taoist massage can support men with erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy, reconnecting with their body and sexual self, and by offering a holistic and supportive space to talk after medical treatment. 

It’s important to find a practitioner in London who has experience in this area, and also professionally trained in Trauma Awareness.

Tantric Prostate Massage and Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a painful pelvic condition that’s relatively common amongst men of all ages. It’s caused by inflammation of the prostate gland, and sometimes the area around it.

Prostatitis can be caused by a sudden bacterial infection (‘acute bacterial prostatitis’), which may need urgent medical attention and antibiotics, or an ongoing chronic urinary tract infection (‘chronic bacterial prostatitis’). As with any infection in the body, internal massage cannot be offered until the infection is resolved.

Chronic prostatitis or pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) is another type of prostatitis. The causes of chronic prostatitis are not well understood, and may be a result of inflammation, infection, or both. Symptoms can include difficulty with urination, pain when urinating, urgency to urinate, change of colour or blood in the urine, and also pain in the lower back, stomach or pelvic floor area. 

Chronic prostatitis, if left untreated, may lead to sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction, anxiety and depression, and possible infertility due changes in semen and sperm. So it’s important to seek medical support if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms.

There’s no single approach to treating chronic prostatitis, although longer term antibiotics may be prescribed. Some specialist clinics may suggest regular prostate massage to help ease pressure and swelling, as the massage can help to release fluids that build up in the prostate.

Traditional massage approaches, such as Thai Abdominal Massage and Taoist Karsai Nei Tsang Pelvic Massage, have been shown to help with chronic prostatitis, although scientific studies are limited at this stage. Some men also find relief by working with specialists in Pudendal nerve entrapment. 

Whilst internal massage is not suitable for clients during times of active or acute symptoms, Tantric-Taoist sessions can offer a supportive space for men with chronic prostatitis.

Sessions offer a professional and caring space to share about prostatitis difficulties, energising and nurturing bodywork, and specialist pelvic and internal massage (when appropriate).

As with any health condition, it’s important to follow the advice of your Medical Practitioner before starting any holistic treatment.

Tantric Prostate Massage for Enlarged Prostate (BPH)

Enlargement of the prostate gland, or ‘Benign Prostate Hyperplasia’ (BPH), is a common condition that can affect many men later in life. About 50% of men aged between 50 to 60 years experience BPH, and the number increases expediently as men get older.

Symptoms can include problems during urination, and frequent bathroom visits during the night. BPH can disrupt sleep and cause distress and inconvenience during daily life. 

Practical solutions include reducing caffeine and alcohol, following a low-fat diet, and avoiding liquids for several hours before going to bed or going out.

Medical Healthcare providers don’t generally promote prostate massage as a treatment for BPH, as there is limited research and evidence of the benefits of clinical prostate massage. However, Tantric-Taoist prostate massage involves a holistic therapeutic approach, and has been used for hundreds of years to support male prostate health.

It’s important to work with a professional practitioner who is experienced and trained in therapeutic techniques. Specialist internal massage can help to create more space around the prostate gland by relaxing internal muscles, together with massage of the prostate itself.

Tantric Prostate Massage for Premature Ejaculation in London:

Therapeutic Tantric-Taoist Prostate Massage can also be effective in treating common erection issues such as premature ejaculation (PE). Specialist internal massage can help reduce tension around the prostate gland that may cause pressure to ejaculate quickly.

Many men come to Tantric-Taoist sessions for professional support with PE difficulties, and also to learn traditional Tantric-Taoist male practices to help manage their erection.

3 Tips to Look After Your Prostate Gland:

- Talk about prostate health with friends and family to raise awareness and help normalise conversations around pelvic symptoms and sexual health. Many men are too embarrassed to talk about urogenital difficulties and go for a clinical examination. Talking about prostate health issues, and having confidence to seek medical help can save lives!

- Have regular PSA (‘Prostate Specific Antigen’) blood tests, especially if you have a family history of prostate cancer. It’s a simple blood test that’s available in every GP surgery in London. Some types of prostate cancer don’t have any symptoms, and there are higher cancer risks for men from specific ethnicities, so it’s worth finding out if you’re in a higher risk group.

- Schedule regular Therapeutic Tantric-Taoist Prostate Massage treatments to help reduce internal tension, increase blood flow and support circulation of the prostate gland and the surrounding area for long-term health and stress management.


How to Find a Therapeutic Tantric Prostate Massage Practitioner in London:

Before booking an appointment with a practitioner in London, it’s important to check their level of professional training and experience, and read testimonials from other clients. Genuine professional practitioners will also work within a Code of Ethical practice and have Certification in Trauma Awareness.


Therapeutic Tantric-Taoist Prostate Massage is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and treatment of prostate health conditions. Please visit a Medical Specialist if you have any concerns. 

About Kate Elena:

Kate is a Somatic Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner, specialising in authentic Tantric-Taoist bodywork. She has been working with private clients in London for 7 years, in addition to training students and running retreats in Europe and SE Asia.

Kate is a Certified Trauma Aware practitioner, and currently studying Dr Peter Levine’s ‘Somatic Experiencing’ Trauma Resolution Therapy. She works within a Code of Ethical Practice and is a campaigner for men’s prostate health. 

Her professional background includes social entrepreneurship, yoga, and holistic therapy in clinical medical settings.

Kate’s Tantric-Taoist therapeutic healing approach has been inspired by studies with international teachers including Daniel Odier, Marlese de Cocheret, Clive 'Ananda' Sheridan, Martin Beaudoin, and the US meditation teacher Adyashanti. She is also a Vortex Energy Healing Therapy practitioner.

Kate is Co-Founder of the Tantric Healing Therapy International Practitioner platform.

For further details and to contact Kate, please visit: