Tantric Massage Therapy in Koh Phangan

Imagine being able to step out of your daily routine into another reality, where you have time to deeply reconnect with your body, learn more about your sexuality, and receive support for sexual and intimacy issues.

Koh Phangan is a beautiful tropical island in Thailand which is home to experienced holistic practitioners and therapists, including Tantric bodywork professionals. It's also a hub for yoga schools, self-development workshops and detox programmes, and famous for it's jungle national park, beaches, coral reefs and night life.

Many people visit Koh Phangan for short breaks from Europe and Australasia because travel in Thailand is easy and efficient, with a range of quality accommodation to suit all budgets.

Tantric Massage for Men in Koh Phangan:

Authentic Tantric bodywork is based on yoga philosophy, and often offered in combination with Taoist (Ancient Chinese) holistic massage. Both traditions seek to bring more sexual life-force into the body ('Jing Chi') for vitality, longevity, spiritual growth, and sexual expansion.

Due to our modern lifestyle, with increased levels of stress and tension in the body, and disconnection from the natural environment, Jing-Chi energy levels can become low, which can affect our emotional and physical health. Physical and psychological tension can also affect the flow of Jing-Chi energy throughout the body, and cause difficulties such premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, male prostate conditions and libido issues.

I've noticed that many male clients become disconnected from their body, particularly the pelvic area, because of a busy and stressful lifestyle. However, Tantric bodywork can help clients let go of old patterns, come back into deep connection with themselves, increase vitality and joy for life, and also learn new tools to bring into intimate relationships. Many clients are also interested to learn authentic Tantric-Taoist male practices, such as 'sublimation' (separating orgasm and ejaculation), which are an important part of yoga and martial arts practices.

Koh Phangan is an ideal location to take a break from the day to day routine, gain a fresh perspective on life, and give the body a chance to unwind, release and heal. 

How To Prepare for a Tantric Massage Session

- A professional Tantric practitioner will take time to find out more about their client, and offer an opportunity to ask questions before coming for a session. Most practitioners offer a free online consultation before booking.

- Clients receive a confidential questionnaire before the session where they can share more personal details and any specific needs.

- Each session begins with in-depth consultation time, which can include sharing about sex and intimacy issues, and learning about Tantric-Tao male practices. Consent and boundaries are discussed and agreed, as the client's comfort and empowerment is paramount.

What To Expect During a Tantric Massage Session

- After the consultation at the start of the session, the client will receive a sequence of specialist bodywork including Tantric-Tao and other massage techniques.

- The client will be invited to stay present as the practitioner guides them deeply back into connection with their body through receiving touch.

- The bodywork usually includes different styles of massage, including deep work on the back of the body, light feathering touch and warm coconut oil massage to relax and sensitise the body. This helps the body to open, and for the Jing-Chi energetic pathways to become activated.

- Any physical blockages and emotions are welcomed into the session. Areas of emotional or physical trauma are respected, but not worked on directly, as trauma resolution is a separate specialist therapy.

- Therapeutic prostate massage may be included in a first session. This gentle internal massage, lasting 10-15 minutes, takes place at the end of the session. Clients often feel very relaxed afterwards, due to the release of internal pelvic stress and tension, even if receiving prostate massage for the first time.

- Sessions may also include specialist Tantric-Tao genital massage. The focus can be purely therapeutic, or can also focus on learning how to move Jing-Chi sexual energy upwards through the body (called 'sublimation') for health, vitality and lasting longer during intimacy. Ejaculation isn't part of the sessions, as clients learn how to harness the vital energy rather than to release it.

- Vortex energy healing therapy may be included in sessions to help deepen transformation and support integration in the client's body.

- Practitioners may specialise in bodywork for specific genders, or offer sessions for couples to learn Tantric bodywork.

Benefits of Tantric Massage on Koh Phangan

- Koh Phangan island offers an idyllic natural setting for undertaking inner work and exploration, with many beautiful beaches and stunning mountain scenary. Sunset is one of the most enjoyable times of the day on the island, and clients can swim and relax after receiving Tantric bodywork sessions.

- Tantric sessions are also an excellent learning experience for clients who are taking Yoga Teacher Training courses, or studying Muay Thai martial arts.

- Koh Phangan is home for many remote workers and visiting digital nomads, with dedicated co-working spaces available across the island. Some clients are able to work remotely and stay on the island for an extended period of time.

- Koh Phangan is easily accessible from Bangkok BKK airport. There are regular daily flights from Bangkok to Koh Samui (a neighbouring island) which take just over an hour. Frequent shuttle services take passengers from Koh Samui airport to the ferry terminal for the short ferry crossing to Koh Phangan.

- The island has many different types of accommodation to suite all tastes and budgets, including hotels and resorts directly on the beach, and self-catering accommodation. The North West side of Koh Phangan is generally quieter, and is where most of the yoga schools and workshop centres are located. The Haadrin area in the South of the island is famous for monthly Full Moon parties, and has more of a club and party atmosphere.

- Thailand offers a free 30-day 'Visa on Arrival' for most nationalities.

- The Thai islanders are friendly, and welcoming. It's a gentle Buddhist culture, and you can expect many Thai smiles during your stay!

- Some clients choose to combine their Tantric self-discovery sessions with diving on Koh Tao (a small island close to Koh Phangan), exploring Koh Phangan's National Park, or taking part in a the wide variety of self-development workshops and classes.

How to find genuine Tantric Massage Therapist

It's important to take time to find a genuine Tantric practitioner, as Tantra is often used as a cover for sexual services.

- Authentic Tantric practitioners will include information about their professional training and experience on their website. It's good to read reviews from clients, and also have a short consultation with the practitioner before booking a session to find out more about their work, and make sure that they have the skills to support you.

- Professional Tantric bodyworkers will also have training in Consent and Boundary frameworks and undertaken some form of 'Trauma Awareness' and therapeutic professional training if offering support with sex and intimacy issues. They will ask you to fill in a confidential intake form before the session, and check for any massage contraindications.

- Be aware that sessions lasting less than three hours won't really give an in-depth authentic Tantric experience, or allow your body to build trust and fully open to receive the bodywork.

With all this place, you can feel confident and comfortable that the practitioner can hold the space for you to dive deeply into an authentic Tantric experience. Welcome to Koh Phangan!

About the Author:
Kate Elena is an experienced Tantric-Tao professional bodywork, teacher and trainer. She specialises in men's sexual and intimacy issues, and teaching authentic Tantric-Taoist male practices. Kate is a certified 'Trauma Aware' practitioner, and has lead retreats and trainings in Europe and Thailand since 2017.

Contact: kate@tht.directory