Date and time of the event: 04 October 2019, 00:00 - 04 October 2019, 23:59.

Oct 4 at 6 AM – Oct 6 at 6 PM

7917 122nd Pl SE, Newcastle, WA 98056-1244, United States

Welcome to this two and a half days Tantric workshop.

Tantra is mistakenly considered to be a sexual practice. Even though Tantra employs sexuality as the fast-track to self-realization, really Tantra is much more than that. The main Tantric destination is totality. To be whole with everything outside and inside. Another term that is widely used to describe tantrism is non-duality, which in this workshop will be explored through emotional expression without judgment around the negative and positive aspects.  

In this workshop, we start making the first steps towards the totality of Self by allowing ourselves to express what is present without judgment and urge to change who we are and what we feel. 

Instead, we will:
- Open the space for vulnerability and truthfulness;
- Give ourselves permission to be ourselves on the deepest level;
- Practice meditations for deep relaxation and cultivation of awareness;
- Learn of the importance of emotional expression;
- Exercise different emotional release tools to shake off the sadness, anger, rage, restlessness, fear, etc.;
- Free laughter, joy, excitement, playfulness; 
- Connect to our energy and the energy of our partner;
- Found energetic blockages and clear them;
- Dance and play a lot;
- Talk about sexuality and intimacy in a safe and playful container.  

This workshop is open to anyone willing to connect to themselves and release any unnecessary tension. Singles are welcomed as well as couples. 

There will be no nudity in this workshop.

Who can attend?

21+ Singles and Couples.
This workshop is designed for all level, there is no need for previous tantric experience.
Bring a partner, find a partner there, switch partners, or experience the course on your own. Many options will be offered to support each individual experience.

We will respect your boundaries and you will never be forced to do any of the exercises.


The cost to attend is $300 for 3 days. Space is limited. To secure your spot, please PayPal a $150 deposit to

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Private sessions

To deepen your emotional release facilitators of the workshop will offer 1-2-1 “Emotional detox” and “Tantric therapy” sessions to help to release old patterns and/or trauma that takes real joy and pleasure off one’s life. For more information please contact directly: Julia Vaya-Mai and Sasha

About facilitators:

Julia Vaya - Mai

I’ve been practicing meditation, yoga, and tantra over 10 years and it slowly became a way of living. I started my journey to self by trying to heal my body and quickly realized the root of my physical issue was not in my body. This led me to discover that deeper part of self that was crying for recognition. Since then my attitude towards life changed tremendously and what had been seen as an issue became a stalker to a more fulfilling, joyful and balanced way of living. I’ve traveled a lot in South East Asia trying to find myself in ancient teachings and met many inspiring and enlightened teachers on my way. Among the many teachings and philosophies that I came across the most influencing my current point of view were Non-duality teachings, Tantra, Dao, Kashmiri Shivaism, South American shamanism, and life itself.  
In the past 5 years, my main activity was tantric healing and therapy. While working directly with clients, I’ve also been assisting, supervising and teaching Tantric Bodywork. Presently I’m offering Tantra and Tantric Bodywork workshops and involved in a number of professional collaborations with psychotherapists, Tantra teachers, and bodyworkers.  


That was the time I quit my full-time job and surrendered to the flow of simple life: the digital nomad-like lifestyle, a minimum of IT work that I started to truly enjoy. A bit later I experienced an amazing Tantric Healing Therapy session and got infinitely inspired to learn it. After about a year I became a certified practitioner. Following my passion for presence, connection and dance, I completed the "Contact Beyond Contact" facilitator training which uses Contact Improvisation dance for healing.

In my work, I blend meditation, presence, healing, and movement to help my clients and participants to experience the state of complete stillness and release what is no longer serving. For them, it becomes a doorway to a profound state of joy and pleasure. Unfortunately most of the people these days are caught in the labyrinth of mind constructs, running in circles trying to find a way out. By releasing tensions and silencing the mind you rise above this labyrinth, see its illusionary nature and discover one more option - the freedom in yourself.