• 09 November 2019
  • by Mani

What is Yoni Massage?

When we hear the phrase “yoni massage,” we mostly think of a massage of the female genitals, notably the vulva and the vagina. This is true, but that is only a part of it.

To truly understand yoni massage, we must understand “Yoni” in her full glory. Anatomically, it comprises the female sexual organs, including the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries. Energetically, it involves the pelvic area and lower abdomen, with energetic gates connecting to the whole body. Symbolically, it represents the divine feminine principle of ‘Shakti,’ the source of all creative powers, of all creation.

A true yoni massage is, therefore, holistic. It focuses on the female sexual organs and it addresses the energetic flow throughout the body. It embraces you as earthly as a woman of flesh and bones with emotions, and as divinely as the embodiment of a goddess. It is somatic. A true yoni massage is tantric.

Why Tantric Yoni Massage?

Tantric yoni massage is about connecting with our feminine essence. It helps us to rediscover the missing, neglected or forgotten pieces of our feminine body and psyche.

Why are we so often disconnected with our feminine essence to some extent? It is because we have all experienced some sort of trauma due to negative life experiences. It may be caused by a shock, such as sexual assault or surgery, but it can also be more subtle and cumulative, such as psychological abuse or social conditioning that demeans women. Either way, these traumas remain in the body as emotional and energetic debris or blockages which inhibit us from living up to our full potential.

We may feel dissatisfied with how we look, or how we feel in our body. Maybe there is a vague sense of shame, guilt or disgust about our sex, our body, and how it feels. Perhaps we have difficulties with experiencing orgasm, or feeling that sex is a chore, or even painful. Sometimes, we suffer from gynecological, menstrual or fertility issues that conventional medical treatments could not resolve.

The body and mind may also strike up a defense mechanism. We become hardened or numb—what some may call “armoring”—physically and emotionally, so we feel less pain, but that also means we feel less joy and pleasure. Sometimes, we do not even notice anything wrong until we got triggered and we react in a way beyond our conscious control. This armoring can cause difficulties in our relationships.

Maybe it is just a feeling and the knowledge that it can be better. It may be a yearning for more intimacy, for better sex, to be loved and to able to love more deeply. Or it may simply be out of curiosity. In fact, it is very important to come with an openness and curiosity when entering a tantric yoni massage. It is because the places where healing is most needed can be hidden from our conscious mind.

Tantric Yoni Healing Process

A session of tantric yoni massage usually starts with a full body massage, then it zooms into the pelvic area and sexual organs. We set a clear intention, consciously invite and allow the healing, doing nothing but surrendering to the process without fixed goals.

We are reactivating the parasympathetic nervous system to regain its rightful place in our body. When we are attuned to the body and relaxed, healing becomes possible. And healing will happen the way we are most ready for.

The key is "listening" deeply. This "listening" is not with our ears, but with something more subtle. It is listening with the heart, with full awareness, presence, patience, respect, love, and care. When we truly listen, the body "speaks.” This "speaking" can take many forms. For example, blocked energies in the body may find their way out of our system as physical responses, such as pain, tremors, convulsions, and heat; or through an energetic charge, like a buzz or a kick; or through emotional expressions such as crying or screaming; or images or fragments of memories bubbling up from the subconscious level, etc. Everybody is different.

After the stagnant energies have left our body, our body becomes lighter, more open and soft. It is as if the armor melts. Orgasmic energy may surge through your whole body, permeating different layers and melting you from the inside out, awakening a very tangible state of embodied bliss.

Benefits of Tantric Yoni Massage

The benefits of the tantric yoni massage I have experienced or witnessed are varied from person to person and from moment to moment. For example:

  • Releasing stagnant emotional and energetic blockages stored in the body, especially in the pelvic area, due to past trauma, abuse, or stress.

  • Reducing the pain and suffering caused by fertility, menstrual. and gynecological pathologies rooted in psychological and energetic imbalances.

  • Finding new levels of acceptance, confidence and trust in your body and yourself.

  • Understanding what you want and need, or what you do not want or need, and having the ability to express it.

  • Softening into a new depth, and openness and receptivity to pleasure and bliss.

  • Discovering new realms and levels of pleasure and orgasms.

  • Allowing the flow of energy and being in the power of the sacred feminine.

  • Recovering or heightening sensitivity and sensuality.

  • Igniting a new level of aliveness, joyfulness, and creativity.

  • Discovering new layers and aspects of femininity and spirituality.

Tantric yoni massage is one of the most effective ways to embrace our inherent power of being women and being human. And this power is none other than love—falling in love with ourselves truly and deeply. When our own cups are full, we love others more fully and deeply too, and our relationships with our lover(s), family, and friends will improve.

Tantric yoni massage helps us to free ourselves from the limitations imposed on us due to past traumas. It helps us to embrace our power. Healing ourselves is our own responsibility. It is about taking matters into our own hands.

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