• 18 September 2019
  • by Mani

Tantric Massage Therapy Definition

Is Tantric Massage Therapy equal to a sensual massage? Is it just a pleasurable or simply sexual experience?  Is it meant to bring you to climax?  Perhaps these are what most people think, and perhaps what most massages touted as « tantric » are offering, unfortunately. However, a simple answer is no.

A key word here is of course Tantra. Instead of repeating a classical or technical definition, I would offer what it means practically — to be tantric means to embrace the wholeness of ourselves, embracing our full intensity with unwavering consciousness. Tantra is an ancient spiritual path towards this wholeness that is still being practiced today.

Another key word here is Therapy. A true Tantric Massage Therapy is about healing through touch. It is a bodywork practice that restores an openness of the body, mind and heart. It embraces all sensory faculties with an embodied presence. It celebrates sexual energy as an integral part of us being human, melting together with loving energies that comes from a place of no condition. it welcomes the whole of us to come home to our being.

As sexual energy is life force in its raw and instinctual form, embracing our sexuality in its full intensity on one hand, and on the other hand, bringing full consciousness to this intensity, is therefore a crucial aspect of Tantric Massage Therapy.

Why Tantric Massage Therapy

Why do we need Tantric Massage Therapy? It is because we are no longer living this intensity, and no longer living with consciousness; missing either, or both. Tantric Massage Therapy is a powerful tool to support you to restore this capacity.

The reason we have lost this ability is due to trauma or wounds that we have experienced. The trauma and wound might have been sexual, or emotional, or physical, or it might have stemmed from other negative life experience which has caused us to close down or become numb. The trauma and wounds might have been some shocking events in the past, or it might have been chronic conditions that we have endured.

A lot of people are no longer open, or down right armored in the body and in the heart, losing sensations, shutting down sensitivity, and blocking out emotions, so that we do not feel the pain, so we no longer feel overwhelmed. And mostly we are not even aware of it, except in the most severe cases.

Sexual energy is perhaps also the most forbidden, shamed and abused of all energies. That is why re-integrating this piece of our existence is so crucial to our healing, to become whole again. Tantric Massage Therapy put a lot of emphasis on this possibly most traumatized piece of us - our sexual organs and sexual energies - and embracing them in our life with full consciousness.

Techniques for Tantric Massage Therapy

How we do it is through a full body massage on a naked body, with a lot of focus on the pelvic floor area, culminating in either a yoni massage for women, and a lingam-prostate massage for men. It is a tailor-made process. Your therapist will understand your specific issues and concerns through a prior questionnaire followed by an in-depth consultation with you.  Based on your needs and wishes, an intention for your session will be set, detailed procedures will be explained, discussed, and defined together with you to best suit you.

A wide variety of strokes and touches, varying amounts of pressure, and different sensorial elements may also be applied. Specific breathing techniques and energy work may also be used. Throughout the therapy session, the therapist will continue to attune closely to your state of being by observing your bodily responses and communicating with you, in order to conduct or adjust the session as suitable.

The process is very sensual and may awaken your senses in ways you have probably never experienced. There can be mind blowing pleasure too. And climax is not the goal. There is no pressure to perform. There is no pressure to please anyone. And in order for this to happen, there can also be layers of deep seated and painful memories, blockages, or stuck energies that would be unravelled, that need to be let go of.

But a simple explanation of these techniques still misses the essence of this healing.

The essence of Tantric Massage Therapy is a loving connection. Presence, tenderness, trust, and respect. And all these come from the heart, describable with words only to a certain extent.

In the upcoming articles, I will discuss more in depth about the most common issues faced by our clients and how Tantric Healing Therapy have been supporting them to overcome these issues.

And the only way to truly understand it is by experiencing it yourself.

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