• 03 February 2022
  • by Mani

Trauma is not only about the immediate pain and impact we endured, but also the consequences left behind in our bodies. These scars or contractions left within us are not only physical, but also emotional and energetic, and exist in our psyche. They are limiting, and even debilitating.

The abuse, the neglect, the blunders from the past can even become self-perpetuating. What does not kill us, does not necessarily make us stronger, if we do not heal ourselves from it.

But we can change that. We can live more fulfilling lives. We can make this choice.

Tantric Healing Therapy

Tantric Healing Therapy can support us to come out of this suffering.

Unchained and Unburdened

Imagine the bodywork therapist’s hands like the sensors of an ultrasound scan. When this scan meets the stagnant energies present in your body, and when you are ready for it, it will show up in your awareness in forms such as sensations, emotions, images, messages, etc. And that is the opportunity for you to allow these old energies to leave the body.

Awareness Is the Key

Subtle energies are being shifted when we are truly tackling blockages or stagnancies within the bodies. The therapist will support you in this process, as they are all professionally trained, and are often gifted in sensing the presence and the movement of energies. But your awareness and sensitivities are essential for Tantric Healing Therapy to be effective.

Compassion Is the Medicine

There is no pushing. There is no goal nor pressure, not even for what or how much healing needs to happen. But with compassion and openness, a lot of mind blowing transformations can happen even within just one session of therapy.

Patience Is the Map

Tantric Healing bodywork can also support you to remove lifelong deep-rooted blockages, free up the flow of life forces, and rewire your neuropathways. Within a few sessions, your body can learn to allow its innate self-healing abilities to revive, and you can gradually rediscover the natural ease in your body.

Full Body Massage

Genital touch may be involved. Sexual energies may be activated. There may be yoni massage, lingam massage, or prostate massage. When the body is ready, profound sexual healing can happen. But there can be different layers of energies at other parts of the body that call for healing first, for example, grief in the heart, anger in the face and belly.

Pain, Pleasure and Healing

To free ourselves from the trauma, we need to be able to feel safe again, and to feel into both our pains and pleasures.

Feeling Safe

The body can relax only when it feels safe; therefore, deep relaxation is one of the fundamental elements of Tantric Healing Therapy. And this is why it may look like a normal, soothing massage. But this is perhaps just where the resemblance ends.

Melting the Pain

Pain is an information where trapped energies are present, which needs attention. To heal our pain, it firstly needs to be felt. Resisting it only fortifies the contraction that has caused the pain in the very first place. But this melting is a soft process, pushing too far beyond your threshold will have the contrary effect of aggravating instead of healing the pain.

Feeling Pleasure

Pleasure can both relax and energize the body, and thus can be a resource for dealing with pain or may even cure some gynecological prolapses. Although we may have lost some of our natural capacity to feel pleasure, we can recover it gradually as pain melts. But it is not about gratifying the senses, which simply creates more attachment that causes more suffering.

Recognizing the Need for Healing


When our body’s systems remain in defense and maintain a stress response, even after the threat or stressful event has passed already, it is in a traumatized state. Some symptoms can help us recognise the existence of traumas in our body and the need for healing.

Symptoms of Hyper-Activated Systems

Autoimmune system disorders, for example, are typical symptoms of such hyper-alert systems, when the energetic overcharges within the body are finding expression through physical ailments. Physical pain without any diagnosed illness, hyper-irritability or anxiety, uncontrollable anger, compulsive excessive behaviors, difficulties in being touched, vaginismus, and premature ejaculation can all be engendered by trauma.

Symptoms of Hung-Up Systems

Another way the body’s systems respond to trauma is avoidance. The body’s systems cannot handle the pain, and find ways to cope with it. For example, numbness, erectile dysfunction, and depression can all be attributed to such stress.

Is Tantric Healing Therapy for Me?


Tantric Healing Therapy can help your body to reactivate its self-healing capabilities. It is a powerful support for self-healing when we truly want to make the effort to free ourselves from the invisible chains of stagnant energies caused by past traumas and negative experience.

Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma or traumatic experience related to intimate relationships are often where Tantric Healing Therapy can have an impact, and where no other healing modalities do.

Family or Childhood Trauma

Often these layers of trapped energy show up first (some despite the existence of sexual trauma), regardless of the initial intention when seeking Tantric Healing Therapy. The deeper linkages between different layers of stagnant energies are not easy to determine, but also not necessary. The body itself is the pointer.

Our Relationship with Ourselves

All relationships start from the relationship we have with ourselves. Addictions, issues with self-worth, self-esteem, and self-rejection, for example, are some aspects that may surface for healing during the therapy process.

Self-Healing Journey

Often we get onto our self-healing journey when we feel that conventional approaches in dealing with our ailments could only help us survive, but did not truly heal our deeper pain. For example, this is sometimes what we feel after some surgical interventions. 

It Can Happen Now

It may not be easy, but it is worth it.

It is not a quick fix, but it can bring profound changes.

It may be a long journey. And it can start now.

Get in touch with me.

Important note: Tantric healing bodywork is not a medical treatment nor a substitute for medical diagnosis.