A penis massage is often called a lingam massage, or tantric massage. A lingam is a term originating from Sanskrit, meaning “distinguishing symbol”. It is often used instead of penis because in Hinduism, a lingam is revered as an object of generative power. A penis massage usually involves the whole body, and is not a stand alone practice.

Why have a penis massage?

There are a number of reasons why a male-bodied person may decide to have a penis massage. It may be to help to connect, deepen intimacy and raise sexual energy with a partner. It may be as part of a therapy session to help overcome sexual dysfunction, such as impotence or premature ejaculation. It may be beneficial to those who have experienced trauma, for example, as a result of circumcision and wish to heal from it. Receiving a penis massage can help to improve blood flow to the area, increase sensitivity, and remove physical blocks.

Here are step-by-step penis massage instructions below:

1. Set the scene

Whether the massage is given by a partner or a therapist, it is a good idea to create a special space that is pleasing to the senses. Somewhere quiet and private where the session will not be disturbed is a good idea. Lighting candles, incense and playing soft music can help to create a sacred space.

2. Know the anatomy

Knowing the anatomy can greatly help when giving a penis massage, because all of the below areas can be explored in turn.

The male genital area consists of the shaft of the penis, which ends with the glans (glans penis), colloquially known as “head”. The skin of the shaft and glans are often different in colour and softness. An uncircumcised penis also has a foreskin, which covers the glans and can be pulled back to expose it. The frenulum is the part where the foreskin meets the underside of the penis. This parts tends to be very sensitive. The opening to the urethra is at the top of the glans. The testicles below the penis and are contained in the scrotum. The perineum is located between the anus and the scrotum. A little further towards the anus there is a soft area which is sometimes called “the million dollar point”. This point can be pressed, allowing for the prostate to be massaged externally.

3. Techniques

  1. Experiment with varying the speed and pressure of the touch on the above areas. Ask the recipient for feedback.
  2. To massage the testicles, loosely hold them between thumb and index finger with one hand, whilst applying gentle circular touch with the other.
  3. There are a number of strokes that can be used to massage the shaft of the penis. You can hold the penis at the base with one hand, whilst stroking upward with the other. This can also be reversed, with both hands taking it in turn to stroke downward.
  4. Try some twisting motions on the shaft of the penis. Be careful and start off gently, checking in with the recipient as to how it feels for him. For a twisting motion, hold the lingam at the base with one hand, and stroke upward with the other, whilst twisting it at the same time.
  5. Explore the glans and frenulum using a variety of strokes. You can try using the palm of back of your hand in circular motions around the glans, or use a finger to explore the frenulum. Vibrating motions can also feel good when applied to these areas.
  6. There can be a lot of pleasure around the perineum, so also explore this area, varying speeds and pressures.
  7. Note that a lingam massage can be performed on an erect or a soft lingam. If the lingam is soft, use plenty of lubricant and continue exploring different types of touch.
  8. Be creative! The above are just a starting guideline. Experiment and find out what kind of touch the receiver enjoys.

What about ejaculation?

A tantric penis massage is usually performed without the deliberate goal of ejaculation. This is because men are encouraged to keep the energy in their body, and direct it upwards and inwards. The health benefits of doing this can include having more energy and improving general well-being. This can also lead to the experience of having a full body orgasm, which is healing for the internal organs and tissues in the body.

After the penis massage

A massage can last a pre-determined amount of time, or it can follow the rhythm of the receiver. Whenever it comes to an end, the receiver may want to spend some time on their own, or the giver and receiver may choose to hug or finish in another way that feels appropriate. This can be by talking about the experience, or eye gazing.

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