What does it mean to balance the Masculine and Feminine energies within us?

Long time ago, gender roles were very much defined. Men used to do the thinking and analyzing work, while women would be more creative and artistic. Jobs that require the use of the left brain were highly paid and favoured while artistic and creative jobs were less paid and less desirable, creating disparity and inequality between men and women.

Masculine and Feminine energies within us

Both men and women have the masculine and feminine energies within them - male/female, Yan/Yin, sun/earth, light/dark, left brain/right brain, Shiva/Shakti. We have been conditioned by school and society to always be in our masculine - to keep taking action, to set goals, to meet strict deadlines, to be in the doing mode all the time. From a young age, we have been taught  to always think, be logical, analyze and to use our head. It is this masculine energy what makes us take action. But, if we are always thinking and doing, we become depleted. This explains why so many of us are drained, have chronic fatigue, are anxious, depressed, stressed and overwhelmed.

On the other hand, when we use our feminine energies, we become more expressive, intuitive, flexible, nurturing, compassionate and flowing. We take time to relax and nourish our body. The feminine does not think but feels.... feeling from the heart and womb (hara for men).  It is our feminine energies that allows us to ask for help and receive. This is why we find it hard to let go and receive. In fact, most Tantra requires us to be in the feminine receptive mode to benefit mostly from the healing.

Balancing Masculine and Feminine energies within us

Since women have been living in this patriarchal society, they had to embody the masculine energies...the doing/action, thinking rather than feeling. So women have to learn to reconnect to their Shakti, Goddess  and feminine intuition. 

A man becomes whole when he embodies his inner feminine energies and a woman becomes whole when she embodies her inner masculine energies. When a man integrates his inner feminine, his inner Shakti becomes alive, he no longer needs to take the Shakti from a women as he has it integrated within him.

However, using too much of our masculine or feminine energies is going to create disharmony in our life. The key is balance. There needs to be a balance between using right and left brain. Too much thinking and doing drains us, while too much dreaming leads to not taking any actions. Favoring one energy is to the detriment of the other. If you are in a job that requires you to sit down in the office and use your left brain, then take a hobby of drawing, dancing, creating, etc at home. This not only brings balance but also activates your right brain.                                                     

Sacred Union

When a man is integrated in both his feminine and masculine and a women has integrated both her inner masculine and inner feminine, a new kind of sacred relationship can occur. When partners are not trying to fill the emptiness with another, the relationship can reach the heights of deep sacred sexual union that can deeply transform the couple. However, this is only possible when both partners have done their inner/shadow work.


Many of my clients are stuck in fear, blocked, confused and overwhelmed before they meet me. When I teach them how to be in their feminine/ Shakti (yes, even men), they can finally let go, relax, trust, flow and follow their intuition. The healing takes place when they can relax and receive. They learn how to more creative, listen to their body, inspired, empowered, have more pleasure, express their emotions and to be vulnerable. They feel more alive and more themselves, once they know how to balance the masculine/feminine energies within them. They feel whole, complete and in harmony with their true essence and nature.