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 South London (United Kingdom)

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Imagine yourself as a person who has discovered your sexuality, sensuality and sacredness. You feel empowered, alive, whole and have meaningful life. You are radiant, creative and full of vitality. No longer are you conditioned by society nor are you dragging your emotional baggage behind you. As you heal your past wounds, you can live fully in the Now. You respect yourself and honour your body as a sacred temple.You are in love with life and know you are here for a purpose.

You can be that person!


About Neemisha

Neemisha is a passionate Holistic Therapist who is trained in a number of healing modalities- Shamanic, Trauma healing,Theta, Coaching and NLP. Her journey with Tantric Journey has been deeply healing and transformative for her. During a short time, she felt herself shift from insecurity, helplessness and disconnection toward empowerment, purpose, sensuality and a sense of wholeness. After learning Tantra and Tao, she found her calling and now is dedicated to help others heal on a very deep level.

Her wishes are to guide and support both men and women to journey deeper into themselves and explore what has been hidden, suppressed and denied for years. She is a dedicated healer, persistently working with the underlying symptoms of her clients and is able to balance the deep healing work with pleasure.From a place of shut down and numbness, she gently guides her clients to tune into their body and feel all the sensations, emotions and feelings that are present there.She helps them to let go of shame, guilt, fear, anger, grief and hurt which they have been holding on for years.They are encouraged to move freely as they feel the Shakti and to make sounds to release deep held toxins in the body.

She uses a variety of powerful tools, techniques and rituals to help her clients release whatever is not serving them anymore. She supports them to go to the root cause of their issue and combines Inner Child healing work into the Tantric work to help them release deep childhood trauma.

Through her Tantric Journey, she learnt that Love is a powerful healer. Her most important role as a therapist is to love unconditionally. There is no life with a close heart. The heart closes after betrayal, rejection, hurt and abandonment to protect itself. It is Love that soothes and heals. When she listens to her clients stories, they feel honoured, accepted, heard, seen and loved.

Neemisha is devoted to guiding women and men in their spiritual growth, healing and  awakening the Shiv/Shakti –Masculine/feminine energies within them. Her own healing journey has lead Neemisha to be an empathetic, caring and compassionate therapist. She can build trust easily and then hold space for emotional release and healing of trauma.She has a gift in aligning people with their authentic self and releasing their limitations, traumas, blockages and deep core wounds from their past.


Tantra for men

For generations, boys and men have been taught to suppress their emotional expression. They are shamed and humiliated for showing any emotions especially fear and sadness. They are told to ‘man up’ when they cry. As a result, they put a lid on their emotions and they shut down and become numb. Men have shut down their emotional bodies, lost connection with the heart, and operated from the head. They display physical emotional and physical toughness but deep inside, they feel empty, insecure. They have difficulties to express themselves and to develop lasting relationships in their lives as they fear intimacy. They are holding on to a lot of fear, shame, anger and guilt. Their body is tensed, contracted and full of knots. No wonder, they experience this trauma as physical symptoms like premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction, perversion, porn addiction, obsession, etc.

Issues she can help men with are: feel insecure, stressed, have low body image, low self-esteem, low libido, suffer from performance anxiety and premature ejaculation which leave them extremely frustrated.  Sex is often associated with guilt, shame, sin, distrust, hurt, embarrassment, fear of rejection, etc. Yet, they think they are the only one who suffer these. Most of these are due to trauma from childhood which is stored in the body and is still unresolved.  She helps them to release the accumulated tension, emotional pain and limiting beliefs about their body and show them how to love themselves. She supports them to heal their unmet emotional needs and access their masculine power…the Shiva consciousness in them.

She is honored to serve the masculine through Tantra. She creates a safe scared space for men to:

  • release stuck emotions
  • feel fully- emotionally and physically
  • resolve trauma in their body
  • understand their partner if she is closed down or numb
  • live their full masculine potential
  • free themselves from fear, guilt, shame and embrace their sexuality
  • heal sexual abuse when they were younger
  • meet and embrace their inner child
  • heal their unmet emotional needs
  • heal sexual issues- Premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction
  • discover the Shiv/Shakti within themselves
  • learn to separate orgasm and ejaculation
  • be vulnerable
  • awaken their divine masculine energies
  • learn sacred sexuality, connection and intimacy
  • live a fulfill and authentic life



Tantra for Women

Neemisha is dedicated to empowering women heal their deepest wounds and flourish in all areas of their life.She loves nothing more than supporting women to transcend disempowering patterns and step fully into the Shaktis that they truly are. With everything that a woman goes through- period pain, childbirth, abortion, sexual abuse, miscarriage, menopause, women unfortunately hold a lot of pain in their womb and yoni. She works in depth with women whom have suffered through abuse, trauma and sexual issues.

Women have forgotten their power, magnificence, radiance and femininity. They think that to be powerful, they have to be in their masculine power.  I am dedicated to empowering women heal their deepest wounds and flourish in all areas of their life.  I work in depth with women whom have suffered through abuse, heartbreak, inner child trauma and sexual issues.

The sad reality nowadays is that women are in a constant search for something or someone to fulfill them. They go from relationship to relationship to find what is missing within them. They keep buying all sorts of beauty products, latest gadgets, expensive designer clothes, etc to keep them happy. Botox, lip enhancement, breast and buttock enlargement have become so common these days. They are obsessed with pleasing men. They are also obsessed with impressing other women. They constantly compete with others to be, do and have more. They repress all their emotions and pretend to be strong to the outside world. But soon they feel depleted, empty, frustrated, depressed, insecure, disconnected, numb, unfulfilled and stuck. They dont understand why despite having ‘everything’, they are still not happy. The truth is what they are looking for is found within them, not in external things. True happiness, fulfillment and a meaningful life come when we release what is not serving us anymore, heal our past and live in the now.

Tantra and Tao are both deep emotional release work  that help women to let go of past hurt and emotions that are stuck in their body like anger, rage, grief, hurt, fear, shame and guilt.


Tantric healing can support women to:

  • tap into her Shakti
  • feel sensual, elegant, radiant and magnificent
  • not be afraid to shine
  • heal childhood trauma
  • heal sexual abuse
  • connect to the wisdom of the womb and yoni
  • learn to treat her body as a sacred temple
  • heal sexual dysfunctions
  • take control of her own sexuality and feminine body
  • feel secure, trustworthy and confident
  • set clear boundaries
  • open her heart again after past hurts
  • learn sacred sexuality, connection and intimacy
  • experience deep nourishment and increased sensitivity
  • reclaim their full feminine power
  • be orgasmic and even multi orgasmic
  • learn self love and self care
  • learn to open their sexuality through releasing amrita


As a Tantric Therapist, she supports her clients to notice their bodies, to be able to inhabit their body in a more conscious way, to feel more, to work with feelings of anger, fear, shame, unworthiness and guilt as they emerge. She is honoured to be able to offer both men and women this deeply spiritual work. Get in touch with her if you want to release the layers of emotional baggage, unlearn social conditioning and discover your true self.


Guidelines for Tantra Healing

  • Please contact her for a free 15 minutes initial consultation.
  • You will fill in a confidential consultation form beforehand.
  • Please have a clear healing intention for your session. The focus is on healing, being empowered, awakening and spiritual growth. 
  • Investment is £300
  • Payment of sessions is 50% in advance through Paypal, and 50% on the day.
  • Every session lasts around 4-5 hours.
  • Sessions do NOT include sexual services such as intercourse, kissing etc.
  • Touch is one way. You will be receiving during the session.
  • She remains fully clothed throughout the session.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours of your session, the cancellation fee is 50% of your total session cost. Earlier cancellations are free.
  • Yours and her boundaries will be clearly outlined together, respected  and honored at all times.




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Phone number: 07716666955


South London, United Kingdom

Croydon CR0 9XY
Fee: £300


I am feeling very relaxed, light and happy. Thank you for introducing me to these tantric practices. 

November 2019, North London

I feel at peace and relaxed. Overall I feel calm and aware. Thank you again for a beautiful session. I will be back again.

June 2019

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