• 28 January 2020
  • by Mani

Tantric Lingam - Prostate Massage Demystified

Lingam is often represented by a phallic symbol denoting a penis in erection. In the context of tantric lingam massage, we are referring to the whole sexual organs of the male sex, notably the penis, scrotum, testes, and prostate.

Tantric Lingam massage is a holistic bodywork treatment for men and anyone with the male sexual organs. It touches on the whole body and culminates in a massage of the genitalia. It aims to help restore or enhance your ability to fully experience and to master your sexual energy. It evokes and harnesses sexual and orgasmic energies for holistic healing.

Prostate is a musculoglandular organ about the size of a walnut. It produces an alkaline secretion which forms part of the seminal fluid, carrying and nourishing sperms. Part of its surface area is accessible via the anus, about two inches deep on the frontal wall of the anal canal. That is the area actually being touched during a prostate massage.

The prostate is abundantly innervated by parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves. It can generate orgasms much more intense than penile orgasm. Thus, it is sometimes called the « male G-spot » or « P-spot ».

Prostate massage is an important part of tantric lingam massage. Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity, massage of the prostate can be very pleasurable and beneficial to your sexual health and well-being.


Why lingam and prostate treatment is special?

Tantric Lingam-Prostate can bring mind-blowing pleasure, activates orgasmic energies, even bring full-body and / or multiple orgasms. But just pleasure itself is far from being the whole picture.


Tantric Lingam-Prostate massage is not an erotic massage for the gratification of the gross senses, nor does it even aim at ejaculation. Sexual energy is a creative life force, and inherently a healing power when treated with love. Tantric lingam massage aims to evoke and help you re-direct your sexual energy throughout the body for healing purposes.


Releasing physical tension stored in the body brings you to a relaxed state, in which the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, and allows you to feel pleasure. In fact, relaxation is a prerequisite for arousal and orgasm. This relaxation is particularly needed for the pelvis, considering how much stress is stored there and how little attention is normally given to it.


You are supported to become more attuned to the physiological process unfolding within your body, in order to develop a better mastery over it. You may even say it is the ultimate training to your mindfulness practices.

Embodied presence

There is nothing to achieve, nor is there any pressure to reach any goal, or any need to rush. You are supported to inhabit your body in the present moment, fully sensing everything.

A brief list of key benefits

  • Help with erection problems
  • Favorable to prostatic health
  • Support recovery from trauma
  • Enhance the ability to experience pleasure
  • Enhance intimacy with your partner
  • Better control of sexual energy
  • Enhance the general well being
  • Awaken true divine masculine power


What happens during Lingam and Prostate massage

  • You take a warm shower to refresh the body and the mind. It also gives a signal to the whole being that it is time to wind down and relax.
  • A full body massage is carried out to help you enter a state of deep relaxation. In general, attention is given to the shoulder, neck, back, as well as depending on each individual’s need.
  • A lot of attention is given to the pelvic area, groin, sacrum, and buttocks. The massage helps release tensions and increase blood flow in these areas, thus prepares for deeper work on a later stage.
  • The massage zooms in further and focuses on the muscles around the rectum and perineum, further helping to soften the pelvic floor muscles and tissues connected with the sexual organs.
  • The prostate is reached and massaged by a finger entering through the anus, aided by the use of lubricant, proper techniques and the right amount of pressure, and a lot of sensitivity.
  • The scrotum and testicles are massaged thoroughly with tenderness.
  • The penis is massaged with an appropriate range of techniques and pressure.
  • Waves of orgasmic energies are contained and directed throughout the body.
  • Rest and integration


Practical tips you must not ignore in Lingam Prostate massage

The devil is in the details.  A good tantric lingam-prostate massage definitely needs employing various massage techniques, applying the right pressure, and doing the right procedures. But apart from that, there are some subtler aspects that should be taken care of.

  • Sensitive and listening hands. Heart in hands that makes therapeutic and loving touch
  • Start small, and start soft. Delicateness of the lingam-prostate requires a very careful « approach » for it to open up, whether to release trauma or to receive pleasure.
  • Take it slow. You are educating your system to be more attuned to your own sexual energy and sharpening your ability to contain it.
  • Savor the process. Welcome new realms of sensitivity and a new level of fulfillment. There is no destination to reach.
  • Hygiene is essential. Use gloves.
  • Clear your bladder and bowels beforehand. For the peace of mind, and to fully relax and dive into all sensations that arise. As there may be unusual sensations that resemble the urge to urinate or defecate.
  • A comfortable environment. Possibly play some background soft music to help you to relax.
  • Breath slowly and deeply. This helps reduce heart rate and bring you to deeper relaxation.
  • Breathing and sound. Being aware of your breathing helps you stay present and attuned to the body, it also supports the release of stagnant energy. If the urge to make sound or even to shout arises, let it happen.
  • Follow your sensations. Akin to meditation, be fully present and aware as constantly as possible, and allow yourself to make bodily movements if the sensations call for it.
  • Consent. If you are doing this with a professional, make sure you understand the whole process before giving your consent to treatment. Also, you can request the therapist to stop if you feel uncomfortable at any point. If you are doing this with a partner, make sure you are both on the same page, both beforehand, and checking in with each other during the process.
  • Communication. Your therapist / partner should tune in and check in with you on how you feel. Express yourself honestly. Feedback and communication should be alive and ongoing during the massage.
  • Last but not least, it is about loving care. A lot.


Why do it with a Tantric Healing Therapist?

You may have already noticed that a web search of tantric massage is landing you almost always in some offers of erotic massage garbed with the word "tantric", but which has absolutely nothing to do with healing nor anything profound after a momentary spurt of climax.

If you are looking for authentic tantric healing, Tantric Healing Therapy is probably the best place to start. A professional therapist has the proper training and wealth of experience who can support you to make the most out of a session, or in case unexpected emotions or other responses arise.

It is in your best interest to receive a lingam-prostate massage from a trusted person. You can also honestly discuss with your partner whether s/he truly has the knowledge and skills, and finds the ease and confidence in giving a lingam-prostate massage. If not, it is better to find a professional tantric bodyworker.

You are welcome to contact me to learn more about this.