What is Tantra?

There is much confusion these days about what Tantra is and basic principles have been twisted to fit with our superficial longings. So before talking about tantric massage, lets get clear about what Tantra is…

Tantra is a Sanskrit word and is made up of two words: tanoti and trayati. The word tanoti means “to expand”, “to stretch” while the word trayati means “to liberate” or “free”. Therefore Tantra means to expand one’s experience and awareness of everything, to extend the frontiers of apprehension beyond the material, to unfold spiritual knowledge and liberation. 

Tantra aims at expanding the experience of daily life, of enjoying and living life fully, as a means to higher awareness. It is the science of seeing, feeling, knowing the infinite trough the finite.

Tantra also includes an alchemy, the art of living a blissful life, and the use of sexual energy, as a way to unfold higher awareness. Therefore tantra treats sexual energy as an ally, rather than something to be suppressed.  Tantra laid out a path for transcending the ego, by channeling vital energy trough the chakras. The art of transforming bliss of the body into ecstasy of the spirit. 

Even though only ten percent of traditional Tantra has to do with teachings about sexuality, this became the primary focus in the West – probably because sex had been divorced from spirit for a very long time. It was time to heal the guilt and shame that blocked our bliss, and experience a deeper connection between sexuality and spirituality. 

Cosmic awareness can come through participation in the world, it is not necessary to reject life and become ascetic. This is the way of tantra, integrating the totality of human experience.
So let us jump with both feet into our daily life, let us allow consciousness to emerge naturally and replace absence.


The power of natural touch…

The skin is our most sensitive organ, the one that nourishes us the most. Massages are one of the most efficient ways to stay in good health and to maintain a well balanced nervous system. 

With a simpel touch our whole sensory system starts working. Massage is a gateway to our sensoriality, it stimulates a person to unity and creativity. A human being naturally recovers his unity when he or she is touched deeply - that is, when contact is not a sexual strategy… when nothing “is wanted”.

Often in our modern society, we are simply too full to be receptive and feel what really matters.  Touch is one of the most intimate and nurturing experiences in a human life, a hand from a friend on your shoulder, a heartfelt handshake with a client, a nice massage or making love.  It is a simple and direct way to connect to yourself and others. But for the modern, brain oriented human being, touch can become a complicated thing.
So, even though we live in a touch-deprived society, the meaning of touch as a way to reconnect to yourself has never been as big as it is right now! 


What is Tantric massage and bodywork?

Tantric massage is a spiritual and healing way of massage, utilizing an energetically based, hands on approach to bodywork. 

It treats the whole body, mind and spirit and entails deep bodywork, stretching, rocking, breathing, sound and body movement, intended to heal the chakras by creating and moving positively charged energy from the sacrum (rootchakra) to the crown. During this process, emotional and physical blocks and wounds can be healed, deep relaxation can be experienced and positive energy flow can be increased.

Breathing is very important in the process of a Tantric massage because it helps releasing emotional and physical toxins from our bodies.  Breathing as a conscious act helps us to be fully present in the moment and allows us to let go of tension and negative emotions.  


Benefits of Tantric massage / bodywork

Benefits of Tantric massage, or bodywork, are: 

  • healing body, mind and spirit; 
  • recognizing and releasing restrictive blockages, negative stagnant emotions and patterns;
  • experiencing yourself completely, without inhibitions and in total surrender;
  • overcoming sexual dysfunctions: the bodywork purifies the body, releases blockages, awakens the sexual;
  • awakening us to our true self and highest potential;
  • boosting confidence and body image;
  • expanding consciousness;
  • allowing the whole body to come alive and sensitive and feel pleasure again;
  • dispersion of vital energy throughout the body leads to transformation and cure of sexual dysfunctions;

and many more!