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De Jaegher Gaëlle

 Oosterzele/ Ghent (Belgium)

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About Gaëlle

Gaëlle has always been passionate about the art of living fully. This passion brought her to travel, dance, yoga, meditation & bodywork ...
Connection has an important role in this. Connecting with body & soul, heart & belly. Connecting with the elements, earth & universe. 

Gaëlle experienced some intense transformations herself with bodywork & dearmouring, amazed by the depths and healing powers within the body. The seeds were planted to study and learn more about the power of natural touch. With her sessions, she wants to invite you to connect, to manifest your true potential & to let your light shine!
Moonifest heaven on earth :)



Full body dearmouring and healing massage

Dearmouring is a deep cleansing of the body/soul system. During this holistic treatment the entire body is touched, inviting the life energy to flow again and release tensions, blockages, emotional and energetic traumas in a safe, healthy and loving way. 


 These sessions are an invitation and an approach to:

* Be present in the here & now, to sink into your body

* Awaken your vital sexual energy or life energy

* Recognize and release restrictive blockages, patterns and /or thoughts

* Experience yourself completely, without inhibitions and in total surrender

* Fully connect with life and feel more balanced

* Manifest your true potential from there


For this we work with meditation, breath & sound, massage & dearmouring bodywork (with and without oil) during the treatment. By using trigger points, massage and soft touch release is connected with pleasure and deep relaxation. 

Dearmouring can be done externally (outside of whole body) or internally (yoni, throat, anus). Having the bodily base (yoni, lingam, pelvic area)) relaxed not only allows life force energy to rise and filling the body with juice and power, but also heals the body from a number of ills that arise from having a contracted base. In addition to that the base will help you heal sexual dysfunction. Internal dearmouring is possible after a torough 
consultation and/or previous sessions. 

Every session is unique. We coordinate with your needs, intentions and boundaries. This is therefore first checked in conversation.


Session: +- 2.5 hours / € 180 
               +- 3 hours/ € 210


Experiences & training:

2004 Reiki L1 and L2 Rishikesh India

2004 - 2005 Thai Massage Healing Hands Center Kathmandu

2007 Prana Yoga Flow Teacher Training Alberto Paganini

2010 Prajna Yoga Teacher Training 'From the ground up' Tias Little

2010 Prajna Yoga Teacher Training 'Fluid body' Tias Little

2012 Thai Massage training Sabai Thai

2013 - 2015 Yoga Teacher Training Robert Boustany Breda

2016 Alchemy of the wise woman basics + advanced Katrien Laurens Lifeprojects

2016 - 2017 Alchemy of Life training Lifeprojects

2017 Inner Alchemy Dirk Oellibrandt La Palma

2017 - 2019 Education Alchemy of Bodywork Dirk Oellibrandt

2017 Tantric Tao Bodywork Tao Garden Mal Weeratne Thailand

2018 Emotional Detox Tao Tantric Bodywork Certification Tantric Journey School of Awakening & Healing London

2018 Alchemy of coaching Lifeprojects

2018 - 2019 Life Force Ritual Teacher Training Dirk Oellibrandt

2019 Dearmouring training with De'an Matuka, Susanne Roursgaard en Sanna Sanita

2020 Body, sound & breath Dearmouring Arts De'an Matuka


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Phone number: 0032483084822


Oosterzele/ Ghent, Belgium



I loved it! What Gaëlle offers, is more than a massage, it's a full experience. Be prepared for non-traditional body work. She manipulates body parts such as eye sockets, and massages between the ribs. Gaelle paid great attention to my breathing and worked along with it. She masters her technique. After the session strong emotions came to the surface. I found it therapeutic. 
She delivers superior bodywork and to have a session in the mountains of the South of France made it even more special!


Gaelle was attentive and professional. I felt extremely safe and held by her and was able to surrender completely to her touch, sometimes gentle, sometimes strong, always in tune with what my body needed. She was caring and compassionate and I found myself in another dimension, slipping in and out of dreams involving expansive conversations and sacred geometry. I lost track of time and felt completely relaxed and energised at the end. More specifically I felt a release of blocked energy in the top right of my body. I would recommend her without reserve. 


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