Date and time of the event: 18 May 2019, 00:00 - 18 May 2019, 23:59.

Come and expand your own energetic field and make it a powerful connection and source of bliss. Feel energetic, empowered and incredible.

“Shekina's Level 1 workshop was a wonderful, carefully crafted and playful opportunity to learn about my abilities in control my energy and how to connect to those around me in a safe and respected manner. The exercises help to facilitate the discussions and create the right frame of mind to work alone and with others. A truly unique, educational and inspirational weekend. I look forward to Level 2 and possibly repeat Level 1 just for the shear fun of it.” – Rory H. London, UK

Welcome to this two-day Erotic Intelligence workshop where you will, learn how to feel your own energy, find and clear your energetic blocks, shake off your negative emotions like sadness, anger and tiredness and cultivate positive ones, like joy, excitement and happiness. By the end of the weekend you will also be able to sense other people’s energy and be able to clear them too and know how to connect with others on the energetic level.

Key areas covered in the workshop:

  • Introduction to your body's major energy centers called Chakras
  • Releasing negative emotions with breath, movement and sound
  • Learn  to access your own life force energy
  • Learn to harness energy and playfully move it through your body
  • Connect with others energetically

Learn different massage techniques to

  • Calm your partner if they are tense or anxious or help them feel more excited with different types touches.

Who will be able to attend?

18+ Singles and Couples.

Bring a partner, find a partner there, switch partners or have your own experience of the course. There will be many options available to support each individual experience. We will respect your boundaries and you will never be forced to do any of the exercises.

All the exercises will be shown and practiced in level 1 with clothes on.

About Shekina

Shekina Ray is an international Energy Healer and Teacher. She has been teaching different energy healing modalities for 19 years worldwide. She is a Reiki Master, Matrix Energetics and Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Access Consciousness Facilitator and Tantra Educator. She enjoys encouraging people to find ways to express themselves and teaches a variety of classes to help people discover their passions, love and accept themselves, build their self-esteem and help them to be comfortable and confident about their body and sexuality.


Toothing Broadway

Early Bird Special:  £250 if you register and pay by 20th April, £295 thereafter.

18 - 19 May, 2019

10:30 - 17:30 both days

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We will provide snacks and refreshments, tea, etc.

You can either bring your own lunch or have lunch at one of the restaurants nearby.

What to bring with you

Please bring a yoga mat, a meditation cushion or a yoga mat to sit on and a blanket if you wish.

What to wear

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.


“Two days now after the Energetic Bliss Mastery course and I feel a big opening in my body. It brings me Joy, a whole new flow and now I feel ready to explore the world of energy. I was a bit lost with some aspects of myself but Shekina and the lovely group helped me to find a new confidence. I own my life, I own my orgasms, I own self love. Thank you Shekina for bringing these courses out there. I’m so thankful.”
- Laurence, Gent, Belgium

“For the first time in my life I feel these points in my body. For the first time I feel how to connect to my inner energy through these points, of course thanks to Shekina Ray and her great techniques and teachings, she raised my awareness towards my body via a different realm. Even the physical pains that I have were gone, when she taught me special techniques and massages. She helped me to connect to myself in different new way and to look at myself from compassionate prospect. I can’t thank her enough, hoping to learn from her more in the future.” - Elissar, EH, Maastricht, Netherlands

The little boy in me had a blast! I had such a wonderful weekend in Belgium at the Energetic Bliss Mastery by Shekina Ray… A workshop? Nahh, a playshop stuffed with fun exercises, insights, laughter and a few sigh moments. I love it.
- Andre Van Vliet, Antwerp, Belgium

After the two day Erotic Intelligence Workshop with Shekina I feel like another person. My whole being is radiating a new energy. For me it was a powerful workshop that helped me to reconnect to my own sexual power. The many exercises were perfect to connect to this energy in different ways and I felt in a safe space to experiment and expand my own comfort zones. Shekina and Nicole work very well together and bring each their own extensive experience and knowledge about sexuality and sexual energies to the table. I am hoping there will be a next workshop.“ Franziska, Zurich, Switzerland

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This weekend is part of a 3-level certification course that enables you to develop your own Erotic Intelligence practice.