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Noel Tuan

 Doi Saket, Thailand
 Sheung Wan, Hong Kong SAR China

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Hello! My name is Noel and I thank you for taking the time and effort to look for ways to honor, love and take care of yourself.

Through my life journey, the Akashic Records and Tantra have supported me in discovering my true self and connecting to the Sacred Divinity within. This life changing transformation made me free, full of love and appreciative of life. I feel sad that so few people get to experience something similar and many people are stuck in past trauma, negative experiences or erroneous beliefs ingrained by society and family, preventing them from living their lives fully. In 2017, I dedicated my life’s vocation to helping
people with their transformational spiritual journey. Part of this dedication is demonstrated in my becoming a full time Akashic Records Educator and Tantra-Tao Bodyworker.

Life is a journey to learn and unlearn. It never stops. I am continually on the look-out for knowledge and complementary modalities to uncover more of the diamond within myself, so as to be able to share with others. Some of the teachers that I look up to are the Dalai Lama and Sadhguru. On a regular basis, I work with the Akashic Records, chant mantras, practice dance, high intensity interval training, Kundalini yoga and meditation. Some of the other modalities that I am familiar with includes astrology, crystals, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the Mayan calendar, sacred geometry, shamanic practices and qigong.

I treat all of life with respect and compassion. In 2016, I changed my carnivorous diet to a vegan plant based diet and in 2018, I started offering tantra-tao bodywork to all genders.

I am highly attentive to details and honor each client as my family, friend, lover and teacher. Every bodywork session that I provide is a unique blend of energy, music, aroma and processes customized according to the client’s needs. I combine my knowledge, experience, intuition and guidance from the Akashic Records on how to empathize and work with the client. I channel a customized playlist for optimal vibrational healing. I use essential oil aromatherapy to improve psychological well-being and use qigong to sense and redirect energies in the body to accomplish balance. I cannot heal my clients. It is a team effort. I engage and empower the client in their emotional, energetic, esoteric, mental and physical body so as to facilitate their own healing. Team work makes the dream work!

If any bit of you feels called for us to work together, please do not hesitate to reach out to find out more. I do not know everything, but I know that you can trust me to take care of you.

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Phone number: +6581249832
LINE/WhatsApp: +65 8124 9832
WeChat 加我微信:NoelTuan
Instagram: NoelTuan


Doi Saket, Thailand

274 Moo 7 Laung Nua 50220
Fee: 10,000 THB

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong SAR China

Fee: HK$ 3,200


Fee: SG$ 100 - 570


  • This was my first Akashic Bodywork session with Noel. And it was beyond what I expected.

    I entered extremely frightened and nervous and Noel took the time to help me feel safe in what was about to happen and I felt that my emotions and insecurities were all held with the utmost care, love and regard. It was extremely wonderful for me to feel held and loved and cherished in the hours of bodywork and nothing was too much for me to handle.

    There was a LOT of integrity expressed in the session and I appreciated that a lot. It was a very safe space and I felt that I could explore my shadow emotions with freedom - something I needed very much in my life today.

    All in all, I highly recommend his sessions and his work. Integrity, openness and Love are so key to healing sessions and I felt Noel ticked all of my boxes and more here. I am very grateful!

    Calista Goh
    Female, Straight, Singapore/Thailand
  • Noel is a sensitive, but powerful bodywork practitioner. He provided me with a singularly unique full-body experience that was beyond my expectation. As a straight male, I have not had such an intimate experience with another man, and I found that such deep connection without sexual underpinnings had a distinctly divine quality. It felt as though we were able to transcend our biological identities and become something closer to pure being. To clarify, this was a clothes-on massage without touching of genitalia.

    I wish all massages were like this. I left the session feeling a degree of sensation I haven't experienced since I was young. I felt vulnerable, giddy, and very much alive. Thanks Noel for helping dislodge my physical blockages and come into closer union with my own body.

    Ryan Warden
    Male, Straight, Canada/Hong Kong/Thailand
  • The bodywork helped me a lot from reclaiming myself as a woman. I suffered from having irregular period pattern. With birth control pills and Chinese medicine, it only helped when I keep taking them. I wanted a reboot for my life and Akashic Bodywork came to me as a solution.

    I realized the issue with my physical body was caused by an emotional trauma. The Akashic Bodywork helped me with my problems and slowly rebuilt myself. I felt supported and loved in an unconditional way.

    Carmen Cheng
    Female, Straight, Hong Kong
  • I would recommend Noel as he was excellent to work with and very professional. Noel takes the comfort and objectives of his client very seriously, and listens closely to what the issues are, and offers realistic feedback on what can be achieved. You do get the sense that it is a partnership, and it is very easy to place your trust in having Noel push for progress and breakthroughs with you.

    Throughout the session, I felt his kindness, love, and genuine care for me, and this has continued even after the session with Noel checking in on any feelings and developments since. I really enjoyed working with him, and will be looking to have a further session with him again in the coming months.

    Benjamin Lim
    Male, Homosexual, Singapore
  • I am writing this testimonial very late but I really appreciate how Noel made it extremely safe for me to express my emotions. I had been following Noel for quite a while and something was calling out to me to get a session from him as his name kept popping up. From the start, I felt safe in his presence. This is coming from someone who had trust issues with the opposite gender and would research extensively to make sure that the healer is in integrity--and Noel is totally someone who is trustworthy and reliable.

    I also used to have problems with expressing myself in such a vulnerable way but never was there a moment when I felt that it was unsafe for me, especially given the history that I had issues feeling safe in this world.

    At the start, Noel guided me into doing the moving meditation and I always felt awkward about moving intuitively or following my intuition, and even more so to express my emotions, but he made it extremely safe for me to feel. He could feel my nervousness and tension which is something that sometimes I couldn't feel it myself because that was almost an automatic state of being for me having lived through almost an entire of turbulence and instability.

    During the session, I was able to release some of the stored emotions and Noel was a great support with the loving and safe container he held. I am very thankful for Noel's patience for allowing my expression of vulnerability during the session as he held space for me.

    I could feel a lot of things moving the following months after the session, I had shifts that happened for me even when I didn't do anything in particular in terms of healing but things were happening that I needed to address and I knew it happened for the reason of healing. I am really extremely grateful and would encourage anyone to get a session from Noel.

    Angeline Kang
    Female, Straight, Korea/Singapore
  • Noel gave me an awesome full body massage. He was strong and gentle at the same time. I felt safe and comfortable in his hands. He is accomplished in Akashic Bodywork. I had much to process during and after the massage. Thank you Noel for your expertise and professionalism.

    Carol Litt
    Female, Straight, USA

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