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Ami Karlsson

 San Francisco (United States)
 Sydney (Australia)

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Thanks to my massage therapist training 10 years ago, together with my university degree in engineering and my sensitivity to others energies, I create a mixture of a scientific understanding of the body and actually feeling you and your body. 

A couple of years ago my life turned up side down where I went trough a burnout. Trough this process I learned a lot about my own traumas and how to process them on my own and together with others support. This process gave amazing tools to be able to see traumas in others and help hold space for that in my sessions. It also made me question my past way of living. Through this burnout I took the opportunity to start breaking free from societies conventions, and left Sweden to deepen my tantric practice, reconnect with my massage training and now work as a tantric bodyworker and sex coach. 

My passion is to work with connection and for me connection starts form the inside, to connect with yourself, to feel your own sensations and pleasures as a way to be able to connect with someone else. What I do is help you to experience how it feels to be in your body, how it feels to connect to your sexual energy and pleasure in your body and not only your sex.

I work with both men, women and couples to experience their potential for sexual intimacy and connection.

Through this work, to get to this juicy space of pleasure and freely flowing sexual energy, there are obstacles to work through which are the trauma in the body.

Reach out to me if you are experiencing things like physical or emotional intimacy issues, erectile or orgasmic issues, pain during sex, trauma or blockages in your body, nerve pain, or in general feel like life and sex should be better than it is.

I help men to come down into their bodies and through that release both physical and emotional blocks that is keeping you held back from living fully.

I have a lot of knowledge about pelvic floor health for women when it comes to releasing tension in the vulva and vagina, helping with nerve pain, or wanting to increase sensitivity and pleasure in the vagina. For women I focus on abdominal massage, fascia releases and therapeutic pelvic floor work.

I do tantric sessions, abdominal massage, therapeutic pelvic floor work for both men and women, and coaching surrounding sex, intimacy and relationships.

For more information, check out my website

I give one free 30 min consultation over Zoom if you are interested in working with me but would like to have more information.

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San Francisco, United States

I will most likely come to the US in December for a month possibly.

Sydney, Australia

Fee: Short bodywork session, 3-4 h, 400 AUD and a long bodywork session, 4-6 h, 550 AUD. For coaching sessions prices, please send an inquiry.
I will be in Australia, mostly in Sydney, from 16th of March to at least October, most likely to December.


Ami really knows what she is doing. She helped me to feel my body, my sexual energy and relaxation in a way I never felt before. I am amazed that such a change in myself is possible in such a short amount of time. 

Felix Haub Hannover, Web developer and Entrepreneur 
2019, Germany

Ami is very intuitive and extremely present. In session she noticed so many non-verbal signs and was following them, sometimes by actions, sometimes by just speaking, which gave sense that everything she does is not by the script but based on what she sees and feels. That felt incredibly powerful and made the session amazing from the first minutes. 
The trust I felt towards her made all the communication before and during the session very easy and allowed the session to go into depth, revealing quite a few details and patterns of mine that were overlooked in our thoughtful mind-based life. 

Sasha, Bodyworker
2019, Koh Pangan

I had one session with Ami and with no hesitation would recommend anyone to work with her. She explained very well how the session would go, and what she thought would be best for me as what each person needs is different, and I could tell she was using her very in tune intuition to make these decisions for our session.  During the session Ami held the space so strongly and really helped me to let go and surrender to whatever needed to happen and come out of my body. She used certain techniques to access points in my body where I had been unknowingly holding a lot of trauma and helped me to push through the blocks and barriers to finally face it and let it go fully. She guided me through this intense letting go of emotion with love and nurturing but also with a strength and vigour which is exactly what I needed.  I feel that I made a lot of personal progress with this session. I was able to deal with issues that I wasn’t aware were influencing me, and since the session I am feeling lighter in general, positive and hopeful. Thank you Ami!!

Lexi H. Teacher, Chiang Mai 
2019 Koh Phangan

I had very high expectations before the session with Ami but they were exceeded, almost beyond what I could imagine. The care, presence and holding she brought to the session was truly heart-felt, this combined with her magical hands made the experience profoundly healing. Crying, screaming, sobbing, raging and laughing hysterically for no apparent reason at all (i.e. nothing to understand intellectually about what happens) is very transformative in my opinion. If you have the opportunity to have a session with Ami, you may be in for a life-changing experience! 

Alex, psychologist
Stockholm 2019

Ami created a safe container in which I felt emotionally held, and could relax into her touch. I was amazed by how well tuned in she was and how she intuitively knew what kind of touch was needed in the moment, from firm to gentle. When I needed to express any need or fear in the moment, Ami reacted promptly and with a lot of compassion, which made me feel seen also. The session was both deep and playful, nurturing, and relaxing. At the end of the session I felt very calm and peaceful, my body very open. 

Yves, Sex coach
Koh Phangan 2019

Ami is highly intuitive, skilled, very present and caring when she works on you. I felt well taken care of and can highly recommend a session from her. 

Koh Phangan, 2019

I came to Ami looking for healing in terms of increasing my  sexual confidence and libido. I have had three tantric massages before but this time it was a completely different experience that gave me a much deeper and much more profound healing experience while the other massages I had before were more satisfying in terms of sensual pleasure, this time I could feel a large amount of body and mind related healing taking place which has clearly changed a lot in my body and minds patterns and seems to be sustainable to the overall energy level of my whole body having far more effects than I ever imagined. I am very honored that I had the chance to have made this experience. It was probably the most wonderful treatment I have ever received - not only because of  a lot of things came up that I really needed to release also because it was done by such a compassionate person with so much devotion and respect to my being. I am ever so grateful that I had the chance to have this experience and I can truly recommend to anyone.

Daniel G
Koh Tao, 2019

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