When I think about yoni I takes me right to the beginning. Let’s start here, shall we?
It is the beginning of creation - that's where we all come from; men and women. Through yoni (Sanskrit word for vagina) we have made that first journey to this world, except those of us born through C-section, that is.

Still our society doesn't treat yoni with the deserved respect.

In the tantric tradition woman is seen as an embodiment of the Goddess and her yoni - the very integral part of her being is seen and honored as a woman's sacred space. In Western cultures oppressed by religion with no regard for feminine and with patriarchal trends women fell under male control. To this day our societies are carrying this baggage of gender inequality and male centered approach.

What is yoni and g-spot?

Every woman stores in her yoni myriads of information - from the past knowledge and the blueprint of our female ancestors through this life personal experiences. According to Wilhelm Reich in 1940s Austrian medical doctor, psychoanalyst and student of Freud, all these blockages and traumas are physically stored in our muscles and organs. He called these muscular blocks 'body armoring'. Traumatic events like sexual abuse, rape, unwanted but permitted intercourse, rough sex and emotional wounds are stored in the G-spot (female prostate) and the pelvic floor muscles.

Female G-spot is located inside the yoni behind the pubic bone, on the upper wall of the yoni, it has slightly rougher feeling in touch comparing with the smoothness of the vaginal walls. As well as our yonis, each G-spot is unique and vary in size and sensitivity for every woman.
Please see female anatomy diagram on the right.

Importance of g-spot massage

Yoni massage allows to release all this bundle of injuries, blockages and negative memories that don’t serve us. Freeing the flow of energy necessary for healing and wellbeing of every cell, organ and your whole self.

Internal vaginal massage due to memories and traumas stored in the yoni can be an emotional experience. The emotions will surface to be released and facilitate deep healing.

Yoni massage focuses on and embraces your whole yoni, from pubic hair, to your labia into your sacred space inside the yoni. It is not a clinical treatment of different moves and sequences.

Yoni massage healing in London

In the sessions I offer to my clients, I follow their energy and they are at the center of the yoni massage healing. I will be able to communicate with you and hold the space for you to help with this emotional release.  Your wishes will be heard and accepted as this is your path. The orgasm is not a goal here, there is no pressure to perform or please. The goal is not to have a goal. You can simply relax and let go.
When the negative memories leave the body, it allows more space for pleasure. Female orgasm can occur and be felt throughout the whole body.

Yoni massage healing gives a unique opportunity for every woman to dive into something long lost and forgotten or maybe never experienced before. Simply being at the center, honored, seen and respected. Maybe you long to connect with your inner feminine, heal your yoni and heart, become more confident, love yourself, experience female orgasm and female sexuality.

Afterall it is your birthright to connect with your powerful feminine and embrace your life and your sexuality.

If you feel the content of this blog resonates with you or maybe you have further questions, either way please feel free to contact me.


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