What are the benefits of a lingam massage provided by a THT worker?

That will partly depend on your needs, but I can share my experience from having had a number of such massages.

The first thing is that the therapist’s involvement and touch are given willingly.  This is not a drug addict, a trafficked East European, an impoverished woman, or someone reluctantly providing a sexual service for money, in which you are just an object in turn using them as an object.  There is as for any service a financial transaction, but the therapist has willingly chosen to do this work because of their love and wish to serve, indeed to love and serve you. 

They are not using you, they are not inwardly despising or hating you or wanting to get it over as soon as possible.  They are valuing you and such contact in an intimate setting is very nourishing.  You do not leave with less but with more.

Aspects of this valuation are very practical.  For example, you are likely to find at an early stage before the massage that you are filling in a questionnaire to identify key matters of significance for you that the THT worker wants to know before the bodywork begins.  This is so the therapist is informed about where you are coming from, what you are coming for and what are your particular needs, boundaries and hopes. It is therefore important that you value yourself by doing this as honestly and as openly as you can and not to see it as a strange delay in getting your lingam massaged!!

There is also a practical exercise by the therapist to make a connection – it can be done in various ways; one approach is through a period of eye gazing. If you have not done this before, it can be an unusual experience outside of anything you have previously encountered.  Whatever form of connection exercise is used, your worker is seeking to meet you as a unique individual - not just another client.  The session you have come for is really all about you!  Wow, what else have you done where it was all about you.

Secondly, I found that my sexual experience and orientation was narrowly focused on the few inches between my legs, my manhood.  A long time is spent in receiving from the therapist before the lingam itself is touched.  I remember the first tantric massage I had when I understood that my whole body is a source of sensual pleasure and eroticism and not just the X number of inches where I had been marooned.  Consequently, the scope of sexual experience and pleasure is so much wider and more varied than I had been living.

Women in general are less focused on their genitals than men, although there is considerable variation.  If you have a female sexual partner and have not previously known the capacity of your whole coat of skin to be a source of pleasure, this can help you to understand how many more tunes there are to play and enjoy in the bedroom.  You will be a better lover and have a richer sexual life.

Thirdly, there is the possibility of the prostate being massaged, but I will leave this to a subsequent blog or another writer to specifically discuss that benefit.

Fourthly, my sexuality like I suspect many men, tends to be goal orientated.  It’s rather like you are hungry and just want to move quickly to the experience of meeting that need.  In our eating we mostly appreciate that the best meals are those where we enjoy each part of the meal.  In tantric massage I experienced how much fun, pleasure and sensuousness there is in the journey.

Fifthly, the therapist discussed with me how, with the help of her judgement and my feedback, we would stop elevating my arousal before the point of no return.  Instead of orgasm the session would finish with the energy being spread throughout my body by the therapist.  If you have never had that experience it can seem an odd thing to find value in.  I will try to explain what only that experience can provide by my way of understanding. 

When we finish a fantastic meal, we feel full, satisfied and no longer hungry.  Sexual orgasm is not entirely the same.  Yes, there are those qualities, but there is also a sense of having lost something, of depletion, a kind of emptiness taints all the fulfillment.  At least that is how it is for me.  Also, there is the sense of being finished, wanting to rest. 

In contrast, that sense of emptiness is not there when the energy is spread.  I felt energized, incredibly alive, fully capable of further sexual activity but satisfied.  It was as if I had had all the benefits of sex without any downside; as if I had had incredible sex without having had sex and it felt good, very good.  You won’t be able to accept this from my words, but you can yourself find that this is so.

I don’t currently have a partner, but I know men who have taken this way of love into their relations with their partners, and they say it becomes the new norm, and that it is more satisfying, more sexual - but that remains for me to know ..

Sixthly, the emphasis in THT is on the massage as a healing massage.  Unresolved emotional issues, whether or not the cause is known, can find a home in any part of the body.  In my case, I found two very precise points one on my right mid-back, and the other on the left side of my neck where an ocean of sadness overflowed.  There was no memory or image of what this was about, although such things can happen, but there was a profound sense of release and unburdening.  I could only cope with so much of this, outpouring of tears, and have returned to it in subsequent sessions. 

As this has gone on, the release has reduced as there has been an increasing sense of healing of freedom of ease.  Nothing I had done before in my life had found this well of suffering and emptied it.


Your experiences will depend on your history and needs, but a THT lingam massage is likely to be a life changing, a life enhancing journey that you will have only wished you had done earlier.  You will not have sex with your THT bodyworker, but you will likely feel very close to them and deeply grateful.  They did not give you their body, they gave you their love flowing from the source of all love.