What Is Trauma?


The definition of trauma in simple words is too much, to fast and too soon. When the intensity is too much the body is overwhelmed and it goes into fight, flight or freeze mode.

This is not a planned, or a thought reaction, but an automatic, total body response that we share with other animals. Whenever we perceive that we are in danger our bodies make a rapid response. Numerous neurotransmitters and hormones produce massive changes in every organ. The brain sends instantaneous signals to the adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline. Likewise, increased amounts of steroids flood into the bloodstream, as well as opioid substances that are pain relievers.

In the fight or flight part of the response, heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate increase along with alertness and vigilance. Simultaneously a decrease occurs in feeding, reproductive activity, and immune response. This is based on survival, preparing us to make an immediate response to the dangerous situation. When this reaction is a response to a real danger, is time-limited, it is life-saving.


Trauma response in the absence of traumatic event

Problems arise only when this reaction is evoked in the absence of any threat, when the threat is continued or when the organism can do nothing to protect itself from the threat. Then the chemicals related to this response keep pumping out, affecting our bodies and brains in very negative ways.

If there is no chance for survival if we try to run or fight, we may automatically freeze. The freeze response activates a very different sequence of autonomic nervous system arousal, slowing the heart rate, causing us to fall over and thus preserve blood flow, and even simulate death so that a predator loses interest

So what it tends to happen is that this negative charge that is accumulated in our body, will affect drastically the person that has received it, and most likely they will have a distorted view of reality. They will often wake up in the morning feeling tired, lacking motivation and energy, like a dark cloud has taken over the mind,  being happy becoming more difficult to achieve. What we tend to perceive as reality can be completely different then what is out there, the person tends to be more in the mind in a constant chat of distorted ideas rather than experiencing life in its fullest.


How does Tantra reveal trauma?

Humans have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. The sensing organs (widely used in Tantra) associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us. If these organs are not functioning properly the trauma will impact the body not only through the mind but also through the body and energetic field. We will be more prone to accidents, misfortune, disconnected, similar to a mobile phone that has no signal. When animals feel that an earthquake will occur they listen to their senses and days before they fly, to find a safe spot. We are also similar to animals, and a disconnection from our senses would be very dangerous as we are not tuning in the synchronicity of the universe.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, we have the option to confront it and release it from the body. When trauma is experienced it is not stored in the mind popular to many beliefs, it is stored in the body as knots and tangles,  tight diaphragm so we cannot breathe fully, tightness and even numbness around the body. The body is smart and always communicates with us, if something is not right it will manifest as tension, if that is ignored it will manifest as pain, inflammation, numbness so the body can cope with the pain, if that is ignored eventually cancer, diabetes and death will be experienced.

It is extremely important to listen to our body, we have the ability naturally through the power of thought, through love to heal it. But before renovating the house we need to get rid of the clutter, of the tension, stress, and all the negative emotional charge. It is basic science, alchemy, that whatever is in a container that is full of toxicity, has to be thrown out so a new load can be replaced with, let's add the good stuff, let's deprogram the body and put in the stuff we like.


Tantra massage is the key to heal trauma

There are many ways of releasing this negative charge, some people do yoga, active meditations, dancing, chanting but it very important to consciously feel what is happening in the body so it can be discharged as shaking, crying, sound, breath and various methods.

Why Tantric massage is so efficient is that it works with the strongest energy known to mankind, sexual energy. Sexual energy, the power of passion works as a generator that charges the energy of love which is the heart. Naturally, when we are aroused and kiss a person it feels much more intense than without having that sexual impulse, heart and sexual energy is a strong combination as it can generate lots of positive energy in the body

There are many other talking therapies out there but they are not as efficient, we talk to the mind but the mind can be disconnected from the body so the message will not be received. Why tantra works so well is that is counseling in action, we talk to the mind, work on the areas of the body unblocking the tension, opening up the energy channels so sexual energy can flow. When there is a blockage you can visually see and feel it as the body will either shake, become rigid, release tension and manifest itself in many ways and form. Then we can talk to the mind, release the negative charge and program it with love, compassion, and kindness

Miraculously after this tension has been released, negative patterns that were there for years can completely disappear or improve and just like that the heaviness, the fear, the insecurity will be gone

Sexual energy plays one of the most important roles in human lives, there is a big responsibility as the practitioner must use and manipulate It with love and integrity so It can empower the receiver to tap into it  at will, knowing that now they are the masters of their own body and life

The world can be seen as a scary place, and as a human race we have inherited lots of trauma from our family and society due to heavy conditioning, but once we set ourselves on a constant positive vibration we will attract people and events that are constructive  and essential in our lives

There are many belief systems and people tend to make things complicated about certain dogmatic tantric practices, sexual positions, but tantra in a scientific version of explaining it, is a technological process where we see the body as a piece of machinery which operates through the organs which all have a different function. As our body is made of atoms and molecules, the energy we send out there will be the energy that we will receive, and what better way then using the sexual energy, the energy of polarity and creation.

So let's take our lives into our hands and be the best version of ourselves living in harmony and synchronicity with nature and one another.