What is Tantric sex?


Tantric sex is often viewed as a mystical and exotic form of sexual practice. However, tantric sex can benefit couples who struggle with the commitments of everyday life and especially, a dull sex life.

In the modern age, sex has become a routine for many due to a very busy lifestyle as well as very casual for others who are not interested in real relationships due to the ‘swipe and date’ culture. For some people, sex can become a source of frustration to the point of avoiding sexual intercourse altogether. This puts a strain on relationships and kills intimacy. Moreover, sex life in long-term relationships can become boring if it is not kept spiced or different.

So, to benefit relationships tantric sex is a great way to enhance your sex life and to reconnect with your partner. Even if you are happy with your sex life, tantric sex can certainly improve it. If you try tantric sex, you might discover a whole new world for yourself and your partner.

In tantric sex, a vagina is referred to as the YONI and a penis as the Lingam. An intense mental connection is achieved through meditating together before and during sex. If your thoughts wander, return them back to the present moment.

The purpose of tantric sex is on the holistic experience of body and sex rather than only on the orgasm. Tantric sex is in its core the opposite of the western sex as it is not about orgasming but about the wholeness of sexual experience. During tantric sex, it is primary to relax, be in the moment and practice slow touches. Penetration and orgasming are only secondary. Also, because of delayed penetration, orgasm lasts longer and is way more intense.


7 Tantric sex tips:

1. Set the scene

Get into the mood is by incorporating rituals into sex. That can be anything, such as setting up space as a sanctuary with candles, pillows, and soft music. What's most important is that you make sex feel special.  

2. Start by breathing

Just as with yoga, tantra begins with and centers around the breath. Take a full breath in through your nose. On the inhale, fill up your belly with air, exhale. When you place your hands over your belly, you should feel it expand on the inhale and return to normal on the exhale. Practice the belly breathing technique a couple of times before you bring it into sex so that it becomes more automatic.

3. Make eye contact

Eye contact will help you two feel closer during sex. Focus on each other. Traditionally, this is by looking into their left eye, but you can look into both if that's more comfortable to you.

4. Give each other massages

Give each other mini erotic massages.  For instance, you might ask your partner to give you a foot rub for two minutes, and then you would do whatever your partner says they’re craving for two minutes. During your turn, you can give your partner feedback. Then, when it’s your partner’s turn, encourage them to do the same.

5. Pay attention to the movement of your body

Think about what it feels like to move bodies together, and try not to judge anything you notice or compare it to other experiences you’ve had, just focus on what you’re feeling in the moment. This is a way of putting the brain in neutral and letting go of the thinking.

6. Try Yab Yum

There's a traditional tantric position called Yab Yum that you might want to try to help align energies necessary for a powerful tantric love connection. Ask your partner to sit on the floor cross-legged. Facing them, climb on top and put your legs around their body. If you need, you can put a pillow under your rear.

7. Delay orgasm

Remaining in a high state of arousal can also help people experience energetic orgasms, or orgasms without ejaculating. Delaying an orgasm means you bring yourself close to the edge only to back off and delay it.

Practice getting yourself up to the point of orgasm, then stopping, and starting up again. Then, when you're with your partner, you can take turns getting each other up toward climax, sliding back down, and then going back up again toward orgasm before surrendering to the fireworks finale.