The road to liberation is paved with consciousness



My job is far from the usual nine to five. I consider myself a therapist and an educator and I specialize in emotional healing and sex and relationship counseling. What is different about my consultation, is that, unlike a mainstream sexologist or a therapist, is that I touch people. In fact, if it is recommended for a particular case, I may perform a prostate lingam massage. Just in case you weren’t sure what that means, let me explain.


Lingam means men’s genitals and the prostate is a tiny gland located inside the pelvis. To gain access to it, it is best to do so through the anus. Somewhat similar to a urologist’s rectal prostate exam, yet experienced quite differently by the receiver.


Who can benefit from Lingam prostate massage?


Any person who has a lingam and a prostate can benefit from this treatment. Due to legal reasons the person must be an adult. Vast majority of my clients seek this kind of therapy because they are not a hundred per cent satisfied either with their own body, their sex life or their relationships. A significant percentage of my clients come to see me in order to heal past traumas of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Usually it is a mix of reasons and many of these people have tried other therapies before, yet deep down they feel the results of those weren’t completely satisfactory. The reason for that is that Tantric Healing Therapy considers a whole person – it is a holistic approach. I will speak more about this further on.


Lingam prostate massage for pain, surgery and transgender


Lingam prostate massage is also a highly beneficial treatment for transgender persons who are learning how to live with their new body after a female to male sex reassignment surgery. You see, apart from the physical body which you can experience with your five senses, we also have an energy body (our energy field – confirmed by science, no mystery about it). Men and women are wired up differently in some areas. So, where there was a vagina before, now there is a penis. The way a person relates to themselves and to their sex or love partner will be different now. Tantric Healing Therapy with the use of lingam prostate massage can help to rebalance the energy body which on a physical level will be visible as correct endocrine (hormonal) function. And it can also work like a physiotherapy, bringing full mobility and sensitivity to the body.


I have also treated men who have had their prostate removed due to prostate cancer and other. In such cases the massage helps to lessen the traumatic effects of the surgery and to revitalize and sensitize the area. Another common, yet unspoken of condition, is the inflammation of the prostate gland, also known as prostatitis. The symptoms are mainly pain in the pelvic area. Mainstream medicine recognizes that prostatitis can occur either due to an infection, or with no infection. For the infection, the doctors will prescribe drugs, however where there is no infection, the patient is left with the version that there cause of their pain is unknown by current medicine. Luckily, some doctors do recognize the benefits of lingam prostate massage and will recommend it to their patients.


Lingam prostate massage is only a part of a bigger picture


Earlier I mentioned that a big number of my clients have tried other modalities before they found me. And although here in Spain where I work, Tantric Healing is still very little known, these men trust their gut feeling and are ready to put their money into something that they haven’t heard of before. This in turn, reaffirms that a direct, hands-on treatment of one’s genitals is simply natural and should be seen more in the mainstream. It would be a lie if I claimed that all of these men leave my office with the ultimate cure for their issues. However, the majority do express that through Tantric Healing Therapy they have finally found what they needed all along.  That’s because of the holistic nature of Tantric therapy. The time I dedicate to direct work on person’s genitals or prostate may take as little as half an hour, up to an hour and a half. However, the sessions never last only that. In fact, most sessions are between two to five hours long. So what do we do in the remaining time?


What exactly happens during a lingam prostate massage


I mentioned before that this treatment is beneficial to virtually anyone who has a lingam or a prostate and it is true. However, not everybody is ready for it. Therefore, before agreeing to doing a session, I make sure that the person has a full understanding what this work involves. So what exactly happens in such a session? That depends on each individual, obviously – everybody is unique with their story and their needs. But it (a Tantric Healing Therapy) always starts with a consultation, which has no time limit. I am there for you, to listen to you, to try and answer your questions the best I can, and to empathize with you. No judgement.


Often, the first session will be just that – talking, especially if we both feel that lingam prostate massage is too radical for you at this point. If that’s the case, we will plan ahead a few sessions which will give you time to prepare and to gain trust in the healing process. Apart from talking, I will teach you how to breathe more consciously and how to use body movement and your own voice in order to connect more to your own body. You will try for yourself different relaxation techniques and with my guidance, you will have a chance to experience yourself from a new perspective. This in itself can be very healing, especially if you feel like you are stuck, or if you have been experiencing some sort of emotional, mental or physical discomfort for longer time.



The road to liberation is paved with consciousness


Speaking of new perspectives, I must bring in the word “consciousness”. In order for a deep, long-lasting healing to take place, a person will need to go through a paradigm shift. Sometimes it is about small readjustments, and sometimes it will be a huge paradigm shift. Changes in the lifestyle are required always, if one is not fully satisfied with the current state of affairs. The majority of my male clients are individuals who are going through a middle age existential crisis. This is often disguised with “routinary marriadge sex” or the “erection not as hard as it used to be”. Many men feel that there is “more to love and relationship” than what they experience with their partner. Overall, they are “ok”, it just feels like something is missing…


Eventually, as they go deeper into the healing process, a simple truth is revealed. And that is that at some point, they lost touch with themselves. They forgot who they really are. They feel lost, and need to find a way back “home”. I believe we are so fortunate to be born in this day and age because we have so much freedom to decide about our own destiny. Leaving behind the burden of conservatism, more and more people are waking up from the slumber. We begin to recognize that the way “home”, or they way to reconnect with our Higher self, or even with God, is not through a stone temple. Natural approach indicates that our own body-mind holds all the answers. It is a marvelous puzzle that we can rearrange at any time.


Tantric Healing Therapy is in fact a natural science that teaches people how to make the best of what life has given them. It teaches you how to consider dis-ease as an opportunity grow and learn. It shows you how to take the reins of your own destiny, get out of the victim narrative and make an ally of your own body-mind.