How to achieve a full body orgasm

As a Tantra educator, I was surprised to find that most people have never even heard about full body orgasm. If they have heard about it, they are often unsure of whether it’s real or how to achieve it.

In my practice, I discovered that most people can achieve a full body orgasm in one or two sessions. Once they had it with an experienced practitioner, it’s relatively easy to reach it with a partner, and in some cases, even do it alone. Many of my clients comment that after they had the experience with me, they can give themselves a full body orgasm. Others have difficulty doing it on their own and have an easier time with a partner.

In general, men can achieve it easier than women. Unfortunately, most women have a difficult time achieving regular orgasms, mainly due to guilt and shame. Previous sexual abuse and a lack of knowledge can also have an effect on having pleasurable sexual experiences.

During a Tantric session, I help people to relax by giving them a slow, gentle massage combined with pressure points to help them to relieve any blockages they might have in their body that would keep the sexual energy from flowing through their body. I also encourage them to breathe in and out in a slow, even pace without forcing it.

I also use my own breath to move the energy and to create resonance between me and the client. After a while, the energy starts circulating between us and intensifies until the client reaches full body orgasm. In my workshops, I guide the students through various energy exercises combined with special breathing techniques.


Some simple steps for you to try on your own to achieve full body orgasm

  1. Your body needs to be as relaxed as possible. Taking a bath, getting a nice massage, listening to soothing music can be a great preparation.

  2. Once you feel relaxed, start focusing on your breathing pattern. Take nice, slow, deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth. Don’t force it!

  3. Do the following exercise in a standing position. Bend your knees and start moving in an up and down motion (bounce up and down). Then, shake your hands as if you were shaking the water off of them. Then engage your hips, torso, and shoulder. After a while, it will feel more natural. Do it for 5–15 minutes.

  4. Next, touch your perineum gently (The place between your penis and anus. Respectively, for women, between the clitoris and the vagina.)

  5. Breathe in and imagine energy flowing up from that point to your back, then to the top of your head. You can even contract your perineum gently. Make sure not to strain while doing it. Everything has to be a gentle movement. As you exhale, imagine that the energy is coming down from the top of your head, back to your perineum. Repeat it at least 10 times. You may notice that you feel your energy increasing, your body parts tingling or shaking etc. Keep practicing daily if you can.

If you live in London, you can learn to achieve full body orgasm and other Tantra secrets in person with me. I hope to meet you in person soon!



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