False ideas and ideals surrounding sex have been present from centuries. Western religions condemned sex, emphasising spirit over body. That division is still present today with guilt and shame surrounding our sex lives. Additionally, ever present media tells us how to have sex and how to have orgasm in an unnatural and unrealistic ways. But what it really means to experience orgasm fully? It is not a performance, it is not what you do, but it is who you are. Your sexuality is fundamentally about your connection with yourself.

Many people think that sex starts and ends at the genital level. Genital orgasm is the very basic form of life energy. Tantra focuses on transforming that raw sexual energy into blissful experience. As without ability to simply enjoy and accept the sex energy we are unable to transform it. To develop awareness at the genital level is an essential first step.

Genital orgasm is only the beginning from which one can move to deeper states of full body orgasm, involving the whole body and whole being.


What is full body orgasm

Orgasm can be experienced as an expression of energy involving the whole body. Instead of focusing on the intense, localized sensations created through friction between the male and female sexual organs, here we use breathing, sound and movement to expand orgasmic energy beyond the genitals. You can create a regenerative orgasm of the whole body.

Full body orgasm focuses on building up sexual energy the same as with genital orgasm, but instead of releasing the energy, it directs it upwards through chakras (energy centers) up to the head.

As the energy moves through the chakras and encompasses the whole body and your whole being, emotions can arise in a form of sadness, guilt or anger which are result of stagnant blockages in the body. These blockages can be expressed and removed.

The significant part of full body orgasm is that physical tension and strain present in genital sex is transformed into a deep relaxation allowing the orgasmic state to be felt at the whole-body level.


How to have full body orgasm


It is important to be fully involved in what you are doing here and now, at the present moment, and to try to maintain that attitude. This means not stressing about what to do next and not worrying about how well you are doing



We are bombarded by the visual images every day. Looking at the unreal to match perfection of beautiful, curvy bodies of models, actors and sex symbols, disrupts our ability to love our own bodies regardless to its physical qualities. This real beauty comes from within and is not dependent on

social trends. Tantra teaches us to love, care and accept our bodies and ourselves, regardless of age, shape and color. After all, how can we expect other people to love us and our bodies if we can’t.



Our feelings carry energy, the need for crying or laughing, feeling of anger or sadness. If this energy is not released, it will be stored in the body. This process is called body armouring, in which past traumatic experiences are contained in the muscular level of the body. It is important to release these past wounds, memory, trauma.

The effect of body armour results in reduced capacity to feel pleasure, as the armouring of female sexual organs as any other part of the body, will cause reduced sensitivity.

We can effectively heal these past wounds and transform pain into pleasure only through direct, hands-on, loving and healing massage around the genital area and inside the yoni (vagina).




Deep conscious breathing brings you closer to your physical sensations. As you become more aware of your breathing, you will find that you can connect with any part of your body by breathing into it and creating sensations and feelings in the whole body. The deeper you breathe, the more you connect with your sexual energy.


Being able to verbally communicate your feelings is important. It helps you to ask for what you desire and helps your partner know what you are feeling. You can start by letting out deep sound as you exhale and expressing your feelings through sound while making love.


You can express your feelings through movement. Simply allow your body to express how you are feeling or what you want to communicate. It is the lack of movement that causes restriction to your energy flow.



Hollow Bamboo (inner pathway) - the name that originated in Taoist tradition. This inner channel begins at the perineum (point between the anus and genitals), and moves up to the top of the head and above (crown chakra). As the sexual energy travels through the inner path, it passes through each of the seven chakras, creating different sensations, feelings, emotions and colors.


SELF-PLEASURING: The healing tool

Every woman is the source of her own orgasm. When you learn how to pleasure yourself and to know your body fully, then you can teach your partner and show him how you want to be touched and loved. Unfortunately, many people still believe that their orgasm depends entirely on their partner skills.

As you learn to read erotic map of your body, you will build confidence and trust in yourself as a sexually beautiful being, discovering that through physical pleasure you can bridge your sexual energy and your heart.