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Stefanie Nicolaou

 Nicosia (Cyprus)
 Berlin (Germany)

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Even though I have spent years of studying Medical Genetics and Clinical Embryology, clinical science on its own, felt incomplete to answer some of my deep questions about body-mind connection and human disease. I came to appreciate that disease (dis-ease) is a result of being ‘uneased’ with our natural state. In a quest of finding that distantly familiar feeling of ‘timeless rightness’, I became a Birth Doula and Birth Guide and started studying at the the Fusion7 healing school of metaphysics. When I came across Tantra, I managed to put a name on what felt more like a memory than an acquired knowledge. I remember myself feeling ‘If I could say I’ve met my soul, this would be it’.

My speciality covers the spectrum of male and female infertility, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period recovery.

Tantric therapeutic bodywork, has been the ‘missing link’ for my work which gave me the tools for addressing disease at a cellular level and activating psychosomatic intelligence, for healing trauma, conditioning and numbness.

In addition to healing, I am passionate about educating men and women about mindful sexuality and establishing lifestyle choices compatible to their true desires accessing ecstasy as a state of being.

Tantra for me is a philosophy and a way of being; it continues to transform my life and this fuels my dedication to ‘serve’ this timeless art as an educator and bodywork therapist.

My base is in Nicosia Cyprus but I am open for invitations in other countries.



I am passionate about helping women come fully into their body, releasing physical and energetic blockages that holds them back from embodying their full potential.


Specialised in

  • Sexual abuse trauma
  • Various gynaecological conditions Menstruation problems (PMS, irregular periods, period cramps) Hormone fluctuations  / imbalances
  • Improving fertility
  • Preparing the body for conception
  • Preparing the body for birth
  • Recovery after delivery


Duration: 4h - 6h


List of additional qualifications

MSc in Clinical Embryology

Qualified Birth Doula and educator

Inner alchemy energy work at the Fusion7 healing school of metaphysics

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Other contact data

Phone number: 00357 99555 835


Nicosia, Cyprus

Fee: €250 - 400

Berlin, Germany

00357 99555 835
Fee: €250 - 400
Available upon booking confirmation.

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