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Rose Skelton Pearson

 Hove, United Kingdom

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I work with the power of gentleness. By creating feelings of safety and spaciousness we invite your body to relax and expand. In this way we can heal both physical and emotional trauma that the body has stored in the tissues and transform sexual dysfunction of all origins. 

Everything I offer is based on my own personal experience of arriving from a very 'disembodied' place (high-powered career that kept me in my head and history of feeling cut-off from connection to my own body) to feeling complete and loving connection to the physical form I inhabit in this lifetime and my innate right to express my needs, wants and desires. This felt like a divine homecoming for me and I am passionate about using the tools I have gathered along the way to help others on a similar journey.

I have been on a tantric path for the last 15 years. I have completed an extended apprenticeship with 'Grandfather of Tantra' John Hawken which allows me to teach his Paths of Transformation Tantra workshops and I am also qualified to offer Tantra Massage and bodywork. I take my responsibilities seriously, having regular supervision sessions, and always work within a framework based on mutual respect and consent. We go at your speed; there is no agenda to 'get anywhere' at the end of one session and the exact content of each session will be a result of consultation about your needs and your 'yes' to what I offer as a variety of options. All touch is one-way - this keeps things clear about for whose benefit the session is taking place.

Every session is different as each of our healing journeys is unique but as a guide, issues I have worked with include:

  • Feeling lack of connection to the body or difficulty in feeling physical pleasure
  • Wanting to increase physical and energetic sensitivity 
  • Feelings of shame around the body or lack of confidence
  • Changing feelings towards the body as a result of trauma, surgery or childbirth
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Inability to hold boundaries or clearly express your needs
  • Inability to relax in an intimate encounter
  • Not knowing what you want in an intimate encounter
  • Relationship difficulties 

I work with individuals of all genders and couples of all orientations. I enjoy working with people who have a desire to transform - whether you already know what it is in your life that your wish to change or whether you simply have a vague sense that 'There must be something more than this'.

I am based in Hove, an easy walk from Hove station (direct links to London Bridge and London Victoria) or there is street parking. Unfortunately my temple room is upstairs so not suitable for people with mobility issues.




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Phone number: 07932683813


Hove, United Kingdom

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