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Raisa Breslava

 London (United Kingdom)
 Diptford (United Kingdom)

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My treatments help you with:

* Trauma-release work

* Reclaiming authenticity and innocence

* Understanding your own body and the potential that lies within (pleasure, vitality, suppressed emotion)
* De-armoring - releasing defenses we have built
* Releasing stagnant energy in the body, 
* Sexual dysfunction and addiction
* Sensitization of body (and supporting hyper-sensitivity)
* Meditation and breath-work practice for sexual stamina 
* Releasing & resolving trauma 

My methodology:

The Tantric path is a path into the unknown but essential, powerful fabric of life, the fabric that life is made out of. What does a session with me entail? Sometimes this will manifest in us meeting for massage treatments, breath-work and the like, but sometimes we may go into the forest, sit with the trees, staying there for as long as is needed to feel a sense of resolution. Even though I hold Holistic massage therapist qualifications and Tantric Healing modality training I work intuitively.  

My personal practice consists of 8 years of the Taoist embodiment arts, such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Taoist longevity meditation. I believe that sometimes a more direct route to transforming ourselves is through a somatic, touch-based therapy, rather than a talking therapy, so my sessions compromise of 30% - talking and 70% - massage (however the sessions are bespoke so the structure can vary depending on the client's needs). Our minds can often get in the way and deceive ourselves, yet the body, in my experience, does not lie. The body is very honest. 

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Phone number: +447885530598


London, United Kingdom

nw5 1el
Fee: £175 - £350 (2-4h length sessions)
My availability is currently Monday & Friday eve for shorter sessions and Mondays and Sundays for longer sessions. Please book at least one week in advance. ​I offer 20min phone call consultations to discuss my work and to feel into whether we are a good fit, you are welcome to ask any questions.

RESERVATION & CANCELLATION POLICY: In order to secure the appointment I ask for a 20% deposit bank transfer (or Paypal). In the case of a cancellation made under 72h of treatment time, this becomes a non-refundable payment.

Diptford, United Kingdom

Devon TQ9 7NQ
Fee: £150 - £300 (2-4h length sessions)

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