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 London, United Kingdom

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As an Erotic Alchemist, I have explored the realms of sexual chemistry and am always learning and expanding my own personal practice. 

I am passionate about supporting people making their intimate and sex lives amazing. I love meeting and being present to whatever is going on for you in your life. 

I’m happy to listen, if downloading is what you need, and spend time having an open and honest conversation that’s free of judgment. However there are times when talking isn’t the most effective approach, in fact when it comes to intimacy and sexuality the body knows best. 

I’m trained to provide hands-on education and sex coaching to help you feel more alive in your body and present during intimacy. It is my intention and commitment to offer my knowledge and experience in a safe space to support YOU; individuals, couples and groups to direct your own erotic development, learn about your bodies, sex, and sexuality, or work through sexual and relational issues or concerns.

​The Naked Room by KalyM is the home of Surrogate Partner Therapy UK, Sex and Intimacy Coaching and Sensual and Erotic Experiences - Education, Therapy & Pleasure.

The secret to a sexy, fulfilled life lies in the three T`s; TALK, TRUST, and TOUCH. It's all about, communication, education, and exploration. 


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Phone number: +44 07964184498


London, United Kingdom

+44 07964184498
Based in Thailand from January to March; available forwrldwidw sessions and workshops.

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